pasar Malam wahhh I

Today went pasar malam with Chee Seng and Pamela
Hmmmm..quite long din go pasar malam jo lerrr
But now I now really poor sei lerrrT.T
But still wan go pasar malam worr
First time take bus to Sri Rampai theree
We reach there around 7pm
Many stalls already open
I actually walk dou leg pain timm
Anyway we meet with Pamela at La stationary
We eat CHAO DAO FU sin lol OMG!!!!!!
The smell are really smelly lerr
Want me to descrbie????
Is actually smell like SHIT and RUbBISH from longkang d LOL
It actually tasteless~
juz like taufu.
Although they got add chili and some vegi
but the taste not that big different also ==
I finish one piece it actually suffer lol
When you eat you can smell SHIT ahhhhhhh~
GELI douuu
Later we buy drinks to wash away the smell==
Later we go eat pan me veryy nice fuu tat wan
Need wait long for table to sit d ler ==
After dinner we already full sai
Still many xiao chi cannot eat liao
I buy popia and but ice-cream for my mum hiak hiak
But later we walk until leg pain oso lerr..
So we find a place to sit and eating the China Burger we buy just now
We chit chat and 2 christian people come and survey us
Around 9pm Chee Seng uncle come and fetch me back xD

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