Powerfun Fundraising Dinner

Sunday, June 19, 2011 in
Today is da day I perform..
Nervous worrr
I think practice for that 3 days is kinda rush for me
Because I'm not a full time dancer or wat
But I love to dance as well
Although I know this dance just got 6 days to pratice
But I try my best to pratice and memorise the steps

Tonight is a Powerfun Fundraising Dinner at my church
We come to church and pratice from 12 to 2pm
Lunch together
Btw the stage in my church are very small d worrr
We use 2 days to get use of the stage
4pm rundown of the programme
I reach there early
But they are late till near 5pm only reach
We didn't get to practice also..lol
I wan but they just dance on spot not on stage T.T
Our dance start at 6pm
Ah gain damn geng
Because I quite nervous jorr
He say after watch d performance on the rehearsal just now
We are most geng jorr
No need stress or wat
So here we go
Dance in the smoke and light effect
Still nervous ing
I late for my step of feng my hair xD
Cham aaahhh
But all end well=)
Release a deep breath d lurrr
Anyway got good feedback from many people
As I'm the only girl in the dance wahhh
Happy sei me lerrr

Dinner time at 7pm
Need ticket to go eat
But I don't have
Then I just hanging around and took photos xD
Later auntie Cindy give me one more ticket
I got to eat there
Oh MY.......
Really gain weight liaooo
Eat non stop the whole day ler!!!!!!!!
The food ah..
Just okok not that delicious loorrr
The dinner got lucky draw as well
Many prizes to be give away lol
The grand prize some more is 3 days 2 night ticket at The Legend Waterchalet at Port Dickson lol
But me and my mum didn't any prize also
We ended our dinner around 8 something d
Clean up all then we head back home

Happy hearing all the good feed back
thx all..love you all and nites
lastly my dance crew xD

Act cutes~but oh gosh~blur liaooo


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