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Tuesday, June 21, 2011 in
As usual I'm here to introduce drama that I watch recently
I think Tvb working skilll is very good and efficient lorr
Each time one drama end liao
They will have a new drama release
I was likee GAM FAI got a new hong kong drama to watch liao
The new drama will keep release out non stop
Every weekdays they will have one episode
Means one week already 5ep
Mostly their drama will end at ep 20-30 something
One month plus will end
I keep thinking then the actor and actress one week act in this drama another week another drama ah????LOL
Geng woorrr
I think from 2010 they already plan and act for the drama they are going to release in 2011
Fast worrr
I really pei fu tvb geh actor and their worker
From all the various drama from other country
Tvb got the faster ended up drama and a new drama release
Hiak hiak hiak
So here are the recent Tvb drama I watch and released
I was curently can't stop watching this drama
It is about lawyer story in a neighborhood
How they help the people who need their help
Beside they have to win for their case and have to work with fair and
Some are the case I think is like detective case
So I quiet like
See how are they going to find out the truth and how they win in the cases
Super nice drama.

郑嘉颖饰演罗力亚 律师 与王思苦、滕丽名有感情线
胡杏儿饰演王思苦 Cathy 律师 爱上罗力亚 晶晶之好友
滕丽名饰演师 奶,后为师爷 爱上罗力亚
李璨琛饰演社 工 与晶晶有感情戏
陈敏之饰演晶 晶 Winnie 性工作者 与李璨琛有感情戏 王思苦之好友 关礼杰之暗恋对象
关礼杰饰演警 察 暗恋晶晶





同 样是大律师的王思苦(胡杏儿)本来十分仰慕当年战无不胜的力亚,如今看见他沦落为地痞律师,做人态度吊儿郎当,每次碰面都对他嗤之以鼻,但二人经过数次在 法庭上交手逐渐变得惺惺相惜,甚至萌生爱意。但思苦为爬上精英阶层,设法靠拢城中擅于玩弄法律技巧的名牌大状蒋柏奇(石修),结果招致官非缠身,力亚为了 护花竟以身试法……

Taken from here

Another here
Just ended last week
I think is a nice sweet drama for me
Somehow I don't understand why people keep critisicing about this drama
Because frankly I like this drama as well
Although the main actress is mentally
But she is cute wat..
Somemore got Lam Fong as the main actor
So touch laarrr!!!!
Both of the actor and actress are my idol d lerrr...
So must support support d la
I like their storyline and funny part..

This is a new drama that are release this week
I haven't really watch this drama yet
But from the title we will know it is about family reunion
They are some of the actors I like too
How the storyline work
I don't know la
Will have to watch a few episode see how lurr
Anyway people is a new drama
If you a Tvb fans sure we have to support their drama d lorr

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