Cleo Star Searched

This year Cleo star search is coming to TARC finally
Last year we also want to join the search but we didn't
This year we finally got chance to join
Me, trista and caro babe decided to take part
We reach Tarc around 12pm
There are not many people at the booth
We fill up form and pay rm35 for make over and photo shoot
We got goodies bag too
Around 1pm we start our make up and hair set
I set my hair sin lorrr
Got 2 people help us do hair la
She ask me to curl or straigthen my hair
I choose to straigthen my hair because curl make me look old xD
I got to make up by a preetty lady =)
Although she wear till very Zhong xing
But I quite like her
She always smile to me when we have eye contact
hiak hiak hiak
She make up me with black shadow and thick eyeliner ohhh
The technique she use i very likey yo~
I think she use quite long make up lo
Like very careful and zhi xi
Later is the photoshoot
We just took 3-4 photo only
Really not good in posing lol xD
I am the first to finish all
Later trista and caro also done with their photoshoot
hiak hiak
All so preetty yaa=)

Waiting for our turn~~


Caroline still having make up~ xD

This is the one who help me make up~~~!hee

Place we having photoshoot~

The booth~
With few small aircond inside xD

Me and tris~

My final photo i choose =)

I got no time to remove my make up and straight to work xD
All the student all say why teacher you make up till so KONG BU~!!!
reliiii so paiseh loo==

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