Taiwan friend

I will write few days in this one post
I meet 2 new friend this week
Is from TAIWAN!!!!!!!
They are actually Pastor Isiah daugther who are the speaker for our Sunday Morning Combine Service
Today Pamela decided to bring them for korean food
She bring me along lol!!
At first we didn't chat much in the car
But we do chat a lot when we reached the destination
Their name is zan zan and qi qi..
Don't actually know their full name xD
They are actually very cute girl lerrr
So nice keng tooo...hehehehe
We eat and chat a lot
The food was yummy as well=)
They teach us game also..
Which is very quite hard to guess lol
I keep guess but still the answer was wrong ah!!!!!
We have our lunch till 230pm
We sent them to Euro Sense for spa and treatment lerr
So shuang..
Zan zan actually quite fashionable girl ler
Shopping in Taiwan is my dream as weell =(
They promise to tell us answer by this Sunday

Korean food photosss

is Sunday
Miss them liaooo
I serve as vocalist this week
keep waiting and looking for them
Saw qiqi come in first =)
Zan zan come in quite slow
They are surprise to see me on stage
Zan zan reaction so kua zhang..hahahaha
She record our sign language of a praise song
She say was cute and funny with the action and the sign language =))
After the service we are able to chat a lot
She keep compliment me until I speechless lorr
She so happy ahhh
She told me the answer as well
Pamela was not with us that time
Later she need to go down have her lunch
I went to footprints hall and teach them the game
Later we went downstair together to find them=))
We are so noisy lol
And so excited when we saw hey..hee
She play the game with us again..
And some of them guess the trick of the game d
Later we took photos with her
So gonna miss her because she gonna back Taiwan Tomorrow :T.T:
I forget ask her address and email address lorrr
Sad douuuu
Really hope to meet them soon d ohhh=) heee

The girls ~!!

Pamela and 赞赞

Me and Zan zan ~ 赞赞

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