Last day working

Today is my last day working at my tuition center T^T
Quite sad~~
They are such a cute and lovely student~~~
LOVE themm alllll~~~
After been teaching them for 5 months~
All my baby liao~~~
today is Yu XIn birthday too~~
So they are having birthday celebration to her~
Although Not many Of them I got teach them~
But I am close with the standard 2,4 and some of the standard 5 students~~
So it is very fun teaching and chit chating with them~~
This job was so fun and will be a memorable.

I will going work a NEW JOB next weekk!!!
best luck to me lorrrrrr

A little video during that day~!!
My voice doesn't sound nice =p~

cute baa~!!!
I actually recorded during the class~~
so badd~
But she is really geng maa~~~
That song she sing I also not familar lerrr~~

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