U3 Genting Highland Trip

Saturday, August 20, 2011 in
Posting a post about my trip with u3
Pamela class not mine==
Actually I wasn't feel like joining them
After being pursue by Pamela and Michelle Wong==
Both are going to Genting Highland
I decided to go
But horrrr so pooor lol
I got think of ffk last minute tim T.T sei mei

We plan on the of August
I meet Pamela at 8am but I late==
Gather at Gombak lrt at 830am
So I thought we are the earliest but is not
I saw my class Kevin also got go =)
I also got bit worry scared not familar with them lorrrr
Everybody seem to be on time
We are wearing STFU shirt
But got 2 person didn't wearrr
We took a photo before we left
Later 9am we got in the bus

The bus xD

before the Skyway

Reached Genting Highland around 10am something
Our checked in time is 12pm
We left our luggage on the luggage counter and go buy our ticket

photo infront of the First World Hotel

Our Luggage LOL!!

Our outdoor ticket!!
So expensive==

All our hands!!

We play in the first game
Pirates Ship!!!!
It's my first time playing
Nice and ci kek lol
Pamela sitting beside me scared douuu
After that we play roller coasterr I never played before==
Pamela and some friends didn't join
It was a long quee but very fast is my turn
Quite ci kek and fun xD
But hor can say whole journey i keep close my eyes only ahhh==
Later they headed for the swinging chair
But me and Pamela but hot roll and makan
Together with Kok Kent we didn't play xD

This is a photo spot~
There had a antique car~
But is been block by all of us xD

Later we go and checked and we been divide to 2 room
Me and Pamela is room 2 =)
They are 23 of us sharing 2 room.
Kevin and Ginny book other room liao
Sooooo after we put our luggage
We headed for lunch
looks like everyone eat different food
Me and Pamela eat dou a taste bad geh noodle shop==
Cost me rm20 for that YUCK food!!!!
After that we buy vietnam rooll as desert..
After that we go outdoor and play again
Many things we try
Like antique car, dragon, cyclone, peng peng chuan, beryl's chocolate, dinosaur land
Some of them we tried twice too
Because it is fun mehhh
The peng peng chuan horrr
At first I really don't know how control until keep kek at there
Later when I turn harder only I know==
Quite fun LOL
But just ur butt and shoes might get wet =)

This lovely london telephone booth xD

And bus!!

what are this guys doing==

me and pam pam sitting the antique car xD

The Beryl's factory xD

Taking this photo while waiting for the cyclone~~
This space shot open only during school holiday LOL!!!
Beh song~!!
I wan sit but cannot==

We head back to hotel around 5pm
We saw some of them sleeping in the room
We took our shower and headed dinner at cafe =)
Spend rm15 each =)
Later some of the group wan go movie and some go club
Movie I don't have mood watching movie lol
Go club got la
But don't know which fellow say no short pants for girls
Then me and Pam also sienn
Go shopping also a while cuz the shop close at 10pm
She buy an artist hat for herself=)
We buy BR to eat xD
Michelle come to visit us too~!!
And we took some crazy photos~hahahhaa

After Michelle went off
We take nap from 11++ to 2am~
A group of them comin in playing truth or dare
Me and Pamela continue our dream till 4am
When they going back the club group people come back
Me and Pamela wake up we ate maggi cup as supper
We play killer game that few hoursss
So quite and cikek hahahahhaha
But I got few chance to become killer LOL
We played till 7am
Everybody was tired
We 3 girls pek in one single bed

see all the bodies==

Pek to their own bed
Our room was sleep with 13 people==
Hell lot
Later when we are going to sleep
We hear someone and it was funny
We laugh around and I fall sleep

We wake at 10am
I think me and Pamela sleep the most
But still will tired
We took bath and clean up our luggage
We went Kenny Rogers for brunch
We gather at 2pm Skyway
Before that we pergi blow wind==
Because didn't go blow wind d lorrrr
And gaigai tooo
I buy a dark glasses
And share a starbucks green tea latte
The skyway was fast
We chitchat and there was a small rain when we went down
Damn regret didn't go club lol
But also no use
Didn't bring leng clothes also
Suan baaa
LOL we take lots of photo while waiting the busss
I was having so much fun and memoryyyy
I found out is not we scared of communicate with someone that we not familar
It just depend on you dare to communicate with them only
I found out some are so nice keng
They are actually friendly people
We gossiping around
We kacauing around
We noising around
It was really really fun!!!
Great experience =)

Photo in the cable car~~

photo with Pamela~

Our Last group photo in the bus station xD

photos taken from Pamela and Luna xD

lastly a little video from Leon~~
i download wan xD

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