Logos Hope

Today I went to Port Klang
To visit the LOGOS HOPE
World's Largest Floating Book Fair
9am gather at church
But everyone is late==
And only 6 of us go~
My mum cell group
So we use 1 car go only luuu
Quite excited also
We reach there around 11am~
The weather was quite hot~
And You can see there are many people queuing up to went into the ship
RM1 per adult children is FOC

All the ship photos ^6^
Hope you guys love it~~

My ticket~

Everyone is lining up to wait to get in the ship~
They like got how many people come then they will let how many people come in d~hehehe

Logos hope history board~

There are many accessorizes sell here~
Like postcards, key chain, sticker, pencils~
Many more~
And cds too~~

There 70 types of languages books inside logos hope~
And mostly they sell christian books~
But like children books~
Fiction love story~
They also got sell~
They count the unit into price
like 100unit= rm8
And most importantly is the BOOKS THEY SELL IS CHEAP!!!!
Like rm8 you already can buy one ENGLISH FICTION STORY BOOKS
With 300+ pages?

And maybe it is because of weekend
There are super lot of people there
When I want to pay for my things~
I think I had line up for 45 minutes?
I guess...
And some more my mum go the counter and ANNOUNCE MY NAME
That time I was paying in the counter already==

The rm1 books~hahahaha

Took some photos of LOGOS HOPE again~~
Love this ship ya~
Hope to went there again~
Or perhaps in 5 years time??
I will miss him~=)

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