Today is my DEAREST mum birthday
And today is saturday also
So I plan to go out with my mum
But she don't want
And I very emo d lorrr
Cuz I plan very nice jo wan
But she also don't want go out~
I later night also not free need go out also
So I sms to her
And my mum sms me
saying that she know I got heart then ok d~
Then I also ok jo
That night I bought a cake for her
And we sing Happy Birthday song to her d looo~~
Here the photos~

The birthday cake that my brother buy and choose~hahahaha

My mum is happy with the cake lol~

make a wish~

At last
What I want to say is~
i really really lovey my mum~
Not purposely want to make her sad~
Love you mummy~~
Forever THE BEST~!!

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