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Thursday, October 13, 2011 in


Just wanna update my job life
Recently finish my diploma
Join in the field of assurance wa
Work for a month and half liao
For real
I think is tough for me
Because many people question
My parents as well
Everyday my mum say me
Until I also cannot stand
I also beh tahan my leader wor==
Sien la him
NOTA only
If he didn't trust us then how we gonna trust him???
I first time join this field
Sure I not familar la
I know my cold call not that good
I still need time.
SIEN worrr
Not I keep think negative
Is I don't have the confident to make this job better
The people around me
I feel lonely also
Seriously I don't like to approach to people that I don't know
like salesman je
But this work is like everything I don't like
But I try to overcome the difficulties
I also hope that I can be more confident meeting with people I don't know
I hope my relationship with people can be better
Other thing I don't like is the time of this work
5 working days 4 days meeting!!!
SIEN laa
Some more is 8am meeting I 6:30am wake up
And night I mostly got church pratice, night meeting, recruitment dinner
So if one week got all those activities I think I got one day can manage to back home early by 8pm
If not I 10:30pm only can reach home
Really need to distress larrr
Now my mum keep ask money from me==
What she say also correct
I also got FU CHU
But I get nothing wor
Now I really going a tough time because no money liao
Take from mum also not good lol
I never give up my dream also
Just now I want to earn an amount of money
So that after 3-4 years
I can archive my dream as well
My interest is still my priority as well
I still like to take photos and edit wahhh
Just my laptop abit sot liaoo
hope to get a new laptop and start on my photography journey as well
I also kind of people lazy work wan
So I can't bear to just sit in office only~!!
12 hours~==

I of cause know I would certainly "QIAN DAN"
Just when only ma
Now I want make more calls and appoinment lo~
Really face a lot of stress and problem
Objection of parents
Question of people around me
Feel so sien wa
I know this job is tough
And is non-relation field of my study
But I won't give up my dream as a designer
Mean time I want to earn some amount
To support my dream
My dream my interest
I never say that I give up on my dream
But now I think I postpone my dream for now
And I know I don't have basic
Now also very xin ku T____T
But I believe I can do well


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