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Thursday, November 10, 2011 in
A little bit of my work
Recently working quite well
Actually what are you guys working for?
Mostly is for Money
Because money can keep us to live
Our family need money
Food need money to buy
Car need oil to move
To make life better =)
But Love and Health we can't buy from money
Relationship too!

But for now money is still important for me
So I'm working to it

The working environment
Now we can really feel the stress of working
And the reality of life
Now because working with friend
I actually don't like friend zhi zhi dian dian me
And I hate rumours too
So there are good and bad working with friend
Bad is because you are like work under your friend
She will like terus say you also like that lo
You this this not good that that not good
Feel like not freedom
Having good and true friends in the office is quite hard
Especially when they are already know you==
When I tell her and shopping with her only
She will tell him LOL
Walau eh
I terus STRESS and sien jo==
They will say you and see you whenever you got work or not lol
Like let people control like that==
I kinda hate lol
Sometimes they even compare how many calls we made lol
I actually quite hate about it
I think calls got many no appointment also not your fault
And why should we compare ler?
To show off that you got more appointment o??
Or what??
I think what is important is we try our best when we are doing our work
After I say I don't like compare then he zau come find me counselor wor==
So yesterday he say 6:45am
I today 7am only come down
Usually he will sms me wan
But today he 6:45am come jo and didn't sms me wor
Zong ask me call him lol
You all know what
When I first work I very in time wan
But Everytime He IS LaTe
So now I always wait for his sms only I when down lol
Today he te di so early and some more ask my friend to inform me
And wait my house for 15 min only ask me call him
I wonder what he want right
If he from the start also zhun shi you think I will late d???
Suan liao

About rumours ah
Whenever I talk to which guy so good
He will say me and him gt one leg==
What I hate most is about this d lor
When nothing is happen
He will say until got wan
I really cannot tahan lol
I just very hao keng with that guy only ma
Wan Bao yuan also cannot????
If like this better I go out meet customer also don't wan see him==
I also hate people say I like who like who geh
Walao say like very understand me d worrr
I just hold myself to not say back only
super ==

Everyday lie me about the time
Say wan reach
When I go down need wait for 15-20 mins==
Walao ehhhh
I gan yuan i late a bit worrr

Enough with the bad wann
The goods wan
I already get along with all the colleage
There are many events organise by my company
Means although we always work till late but when we having fun
We will always work hard and play hard hahahahahhaa

LAZY work~!!
still feeling lack of confident during work T.T
Please don't force me

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