Dream High II

recently I'm in a KOREAN FENG~~
Now is Dream high II Fever xD
Now really into korean drama~
Cuz i also quite some time didn't watch d lu~
Now when I watch back~
Fall into the trap already~

Photos ^^

Love him!!
He is tall, handsome and cute!!
Although sometimes he not handsome~
But juz will fall in love him ~

He 单恋 the main actress~
But the main actress like some one else~
so sad~
I love the couple above ^6^


“Dream High Season 2″ follows a group of students at the Kirin High School of Art stars who pursue their dream of becoming K-Pop idol stars. The group of students in "Dream High Season 2" deals with a completely new group of students then those that were featured in Season One.
In Season Two, after going into financial bankruptcy, the Kirin High School of Art has been taken over by Oz Entertainment. The company then transfers over its own young in-training idol stars to Kirin High to circumvent a law requiring under-age entertainers to study for a set amount of time. Competition then brews between then troubled students at Kirin High School of Art and then newly transferred in-training idol stars from Oz Entertainments.
Shin Hae-sung (Kang Sora) enters the Kirin High School of Art with a high written exam score, but a poor performance score. She then meets fellow students Jin Yoo-jin (Jung Jin-woon) and JB, who make her realize how fun music can be. Yoo-jin originally broke into the entertainment industry as a child actor, but now is a troubled student who dreams of becoming a rock star. He attempts to cure the pain caused by his parent’s divorce through music.

taken from Wikipedia
The duet
Yoo Jin (2AM Jinwoon) and Rian (T-ara Jiyeon) duet - Romeo and Juliet @Dream High 2
nice duet~

B class~
cute and catchy song~

Kang So-ra as Shin Hae-sung~
Kang Sora ( Hello to Myself ) - Dream High 2

Jung Jinwoon (2AM) - You Walking Toward Me~

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