1st day INTERN

Thursday, April 05, 2012 in
I'm having my 1st time intern at 中国公学 xD
Teaching Standard 3 computer ~.~
At first when I heard this I was like huh
SO fast meh==
I'm just having my training for 2 days
I have to go school for teaching~
So I kinda prepare a bit~
Cuz I also dunno what the teacher will teach about

The school was behind the STar station Sultan Ismail
When I reach I was lost and walk forth and back looking for the school
When I saw it it was behind it LOL!
A small kind of school
I went straight to the computer room
Just across the basketball court
Morning session is for upper standard
They are 3 classes of the,
1 is having exam and other 2 classes is having drawing poster competition LOL
SO wasted the 2 hours for just looking at them drawing only==
And their drawing is like ==

Lunch tabao food at canteen
Oh yeAH~ NICE ^^

A little bout the school
The school principal is kind of rich
All classroom is teaching with dynabook system
The whiteboard is with a touchscreen
Teacher desk is computer with usb and etc

I was surprise when I saw this~
Every classroom is with that technology
They are a Digital School.
And the cost is very expensive too~~

After lunch there will a lower class having computer class~
The teacher ask me to teach the standard 3 @@
ok LOL
Cuz before this the teacher quite strict and xiong
So most of the student also afraid of her wan~
She say tat me not tat xiong lol!!
So I teach for 20minutes and that talking make me sore throat liao@@
Until 4;20pm
Robotics class~
I have no idea of how all those work~
And this school system is quite special d~
The morning to lunch is normal class~
And after that there will be Singapore class~
After that there will be their curriculum class or tuition until 5:20pm~

The teacher told me that they are the busiest students among the other school
I found that the robotics class is fun too!
Just 1 hour is really rush for teaching~.~
Until 5:30pm is time for go home~
Dinner with my babes at mcd~^6^

 The Text book for the students^^


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