PC Fair

Went to Pc Fair today=)
With My babes~
So I find that LUMIA Windows Phone also nice to use~~
My Target>>>>>>
We near 4pm only reach~
There also not many people yet~
At first we keep go hall only~
Later only go to big hall!!

Leng luis from AVIRA

 They bought HD from Western Digital~

cute SPEAKER~hehe

He just stand and posing~ LOL
look kesian~hahaha

 Lining up buy GONG CHA~
 Me and Lorra
 Me and Lissa

The white bubble is salty wan~
when you shake~
the taste mix so well^6^
Really very addicted wan

After shop a while at KLCC
went to steambot together with Twins's family near my house~
happy day~
Just bought a pendrive cost RM19~

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