My look in the Ktm..
What with wearing glasses in ktm cuz wan slp and the sun outside was bright~
I back to training robotics again~
What is robotics actually??
A little video about it~

The robot is done by students and they will download program inside the body~
And the robot will do what the program install in the body~
Like red colour 2 balls blue color 1 ball drop~
This was an elevator done by me ^^
The student model and the board~
all this not CHEAP~
Cost thousand over~

The model of the elevator~hehehe
The last robotics training end with this model~

The wheel fan~^^

The tools~

Ferris Wheel ^^
Automatic open bridge~hehehe

old days 大战车=p

Cukoo doo~
Nice ba~
The machine with button is the robot body~
The programme use computer program install~
Call Robolab~
This is the other computer thing that we will teach student by extra fee^^ hahaha
But is really quite fun~
But I fast in doing the model~
Come to install and write the program i will STUNT a bit~
soorry lo~~

So end my training~
dunno will go whr~ T^T 

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