Today is Labour day
Not much stuff happen to me
having Lunch Project at church
And reject the KALEFFEH job T.T
Spend my afternoon at Wai Khee House
BBQ dinner at Auntie's Cindy house

I spend fellowships with Wai Khee most of the day
Long time didn't keng that long already
She is a wonderful girl yaa xD
I like her a lot I mean xD

I got a lot of friends
Who are smaller than me
Most of the footprints are my friends
I found that keng with smaller ones
It actually more comfortable and relax
I just don't know why
I don't have trouble joining people who are younger than me
If someone who are older than me wan
I usually will scare OFF ==
but need to see whether it is a guy or a girl LA
If a guy I usually won't dare to approve==
That's why when you see me so good friend with a bunch of GUYS
Means they are actually smaller than me xD
STanding in the youngs one make me look younger and feel younger too xD

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