Dynabook Sport day

My company having sport day lol
Just like normal sport day at school
Into teams and compete with other teams
Me in Yellow team
We got telematch and field track
I just participate in 4x100m
how long I didn't run in track liao
since form 5 xD
Nervous ing
Cuz usually i run in marathon wan
But short run like not very good at it haha
But some how
when I start run
I feel so LIGHT
and the wind makes me feel so nice
So i run fast^6^
I want to chase wind xD

At last we are all tired running and having fun
We still lose
I know every one done their best as well
so next year do better lol!!

lunchy time

The vegetarian choice of food~
Look a lot right! Cuz at first the food look so nice so just want to try a little bit
Little bit + little bit + little bit = A LOT lol!!

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