I'm back
kinda weird feel rite
always on BLOG LOL

Yesterday was a messy day for me
Lost my HDD (I guess..STUPID!?)
What's wrong with my student?!
I'm tired of seeing them with that attitude
Is not that they are tired or what
I'm the one who are 付出最多 
End of story

Guess what I just go home with a tired heart
hoping just lay on bed and FA DAI
Then I just got A preeettty Purple rose
Surprise again~~ from my Boy 
He love to give me surprise
Them I'm the one who love surprise
Feel touching deep in my heart
and so I cry
He still can do this kind of stuff although he is in Melbourne~
mIssIng hIm

Lovely Purple Roses
All 20~

Guess what
My mum was involved in this!!
They always do this kind of thing~
I gonna 套我妈咪话
and I'm the one who doesn't know anything

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