10 Months Goodness

Hey peeps its been a long time I stop writing here (since 2012..opps)
Really busy with work and Pak Thor

10 months of Goodness
So we been together for 10 months already
Many Good things happen within the 10 months
Time fliesssss
We can't even control it
10 Months has pass
We have been through many 
Good Things
Bad Things
Sad Things
In our relationship
But still It doesn't stop us
Although I really scare of my darling fierce face ~>.<~
Still our relationship still stick like a GLUE..
erhemmm...is UHU Glue xDD
Many wonderful things happen when we are together
He is such a CUTE guy ok~
And Funny as well
He is the most important guy in my life (except God)
Can't imagine life without him xD
Oh noo~~
We are always 热恋 
He like how we are now
My habbi gt Big Body but gt a small heart
Enough to Love to me ~~
Thanks God for a wonderful Boyfriend in my life
10 Months already
Hope more months and years to come =)
Hope Our life have many lovess
Hope that as time pass we can grow mature, be understandable, be loving at all time!!
Thank Kiu my darling boy

Here our super cute photo~!!

Here one video my darling take say I very concentrate help him massage his Black green on his hand that I bite xD

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