Hola, back to blogging life ==
That so call what I call
Apart from the 10 months we been together
It's been we the 1 year we have known each other =p
Actually I can't remember the date also de==
Sorry, having BAD memory ahhh
The one who have a GREAT memory is my DArLing Lor
The April 23rd is the date we first met since 2012 xD
So on this memorable day we having a sweet dinner as well
Mummy was asking where am I going when I change to a flower dresss
She ask what are you two celebrating again!? LOL
I was like no ah no ah, whereeee got
Then leave house liao xDD
Sorry with that act CUTE look ==
I look sick a bit flu
So I met up with my darling
The destination of our sweet dinner date still in secret with My darling

Darling tell me,
Cannot go too far, scare late back I tired
Cannot go too near, we all also sien with the nearest mall near to our house
he choose a Restaurant near Jalan Yap kwan Seng
I thought was full house but darling thought i don't like
But actually I'm okay with it~
The final location my darling brought me is Restaurant 1919 KL
What to say
Nearly every celebration or any important day
Darling will bring me to a sweet and nice feel restaurant to have our dinner
So do this time
The restaurant was awesome~
Although raining day, small small rain
Mixed with Siamese and Thailand design (if nt mistaken xD)
My darling is good in researching xD
He say This restaurant up in magazine before and open quite some year ady
We sit in a small table
The menu and price actually affordable for everyone
Is not a cafe though, we can order dishes like outside restaurant as well
We order 3 dishes
Vege, Taufu and Sotong + Soup
They provide Tea for us but I forget and order 1 apple juice 
Ta dang~ Our dishes of the day xDD
Their signature dishes was all sour and spicy 
Since I flu, throat not feeling well so we didn't order much of their signature dish
Just the tau fu
So call  翡翠豆腐 in English is call JAde Taufu xD
It was sooo delicious 
The inner colour of the taufu is Greeen in color (jade ma xD)
Other dish was nice also~
The Belacan Sotong was so nice and smell good~
Got 虾米味道~~ my favourite
Everything is Superb except
The Lighting
Because so got FEEL ma
The light all dim dim de ==
So we can't actually take a nice lighting photo~ =(
The light I adjust at meixiu ady the brightest T___T
Still this photo We are still sweet sweet wahahahaha
We finish our dinner until 8:30am
We actually chat a lot about our work
Darling work getting okay already
so I just talk about the work I am doing
WHat I busy now xD
Darling say hear me say also stress stress liao
Later we walk around the Restaurant
It actually have a second floor
WE actually talk to the managing Director of the Restaurant xD
He so 热情 haha
Their waiter bring us go up to 参观
I love this corner design wall was so special!

Is this Marilyn Moore~~ So got feel d painting xD

The First Floor Interior Design ^^ nice painting~

The First Floor Interior Design ^^

The First Floor Interior Design ^^
The teapot and the cup are crave with 1919 

Their signature Logo, hehe
I choose to bring my muummmy along with me to come here dinner again ^^

The back table of ours is a table of Aunties chit chat about their life, children and husband xD
Sorry for pak gua ING

We are having a good time in this small small restaurant
HOpe to come again
oh ya
nearly forgotten
I got a present for This special day as well

I got my First COACH bag from my super darling!!!!
Actually I received this present early
Because darling saw I keep fb message him about coach bag
And scare I go online buy jo
So he fast fast go buy IT for me liao~
So i get it on 11th April~
Love it so much got my favorite SKY blue some more(lucky color = BLUEE)
Nice nice present from my HABIIIII~
As for 1 Year anniversary hor
I ask darling no need already xD
got 2 months moreee >>>>>>

For more information about the restaurant I blog here
You all can click on the link below

Their facebook ^-^

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  1. Sweet as always =)
    Such a important date for me because you walk into my life , a beautiful , cute , cheerful girl. Without you my life can be so black & white , hehe. Love you always =)