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Saturday, April 27, 2013 in
hey peeps
Wonder about the title?
I am here to blog about the Hello Kitty Plushie
We can buy from Mac Donald
According The image above
You can get 1 new Hello Kitty plushie each Thursday until 16th of May
With RM 9.95 each with any Mc Value Meal
I am a Hello Kitty Lover as well
So This promotion I wouldn't surely miss it xDD
I ask my darling buy for me on each Saturday
Because he is not working on Saturdays

But still when I was Facebooking Yesterday 
I saw many of my friends also get the First week of the Hello Kitty Plushie
SO i also 眼红 them >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Thinking I still need wait more day only can get it T_________T
But when darling back home
He actually bought the HELLO KiTTY Plushie already 
I was so happy and touch lo
Eye also wet wet liao (very sampat hor)
I very easy get touch and satisfied 
Once i got it I quickly take photo and post the photo ^6^
Cute hor cute hor xD
So happy with this cute little plushie
Ocfuz The biggest 功劳is my darling ~~~~

Let me introduce this small small plushie
Infront of the box was so nicely decorated ^^

The left side of the box there was this Hamburglar photo, just half of the face

The Right side is this cute little Kitty face with winked* eye xD  hehehe

The back of the box is with th Hamburglar Shirt picture, with MacDonalds symbol behind
Why is not Hello Kitty shirt >>>>> hahaha
That was soooo cute~ See the photo only already melted my heart~~~
Really can't wait for more of thisss CUTE little Hello Kitty Plushiee~!!

Sorry with the coach behind >>>ngek ngek

What can I really described is Is was WAY TOO CUTE!!!!! yeah~~
Hope that everyone of you----- no matter You are or not A Hello Kitty Lover
Please support and Buy one home now~~

btw you all can join this McDONALDLAND HELLO KITTY  contest to win a McDONALDLAND HELLO KITTY Collectors Set back home ^6^

After from here
I will blog about the Hello kitty Collection I having in my room ^6^
I got 2 types of collection
One is Plushie type
Another is Toy
Actually I don't have A LOT la
Just a bit only==
Ta dang~ Mostly of them also buy from Macdonald de lo ^^
So cute ^^
The Plushie I also don't have A LOT either
I think is My Mummy last time buy and collect de LAR
WHo knows xD
Anyone have this collection?
It was super cute right
WIth Hello kitty and Her Bfff wedding collection worrr

Here we got super Handsome cute kitty lo
I super like the hair and the suite
Super 帅气and cute ahh!!!
Can't resist ><

Here come the preeettty Bride ^6^
The design was so nice
It actually follow the real life bride >>>>>>
with the wedding Veil and flower

It was collection in 2000 year
It was like 13 years ago >0<
I really don't know who got this collection or
Maybe someone give to us?

Beside from the collection
I got this cute Korean kitty as well
I really like the cloth design
It looks so real and precise on the design ^6^

I got this extra design of bride as well
The bride Dress is different than previous wan
But still it was cute as usual xD

Beside I got the Kitty collection from MacDonald 
My Mummy actually buy a lot other collection as well
Until now I'm 22 able to buy my own xD

Sorry It was messy oh><
Because It just been put inside the cupboard quite some time
We got many MacDonald and Ham-burglar model as well
No matter is small or big wan xD

My small little cupboard for my toy collection
Mostly is collect by my mummy for US de gua
Can't find the Hello Kitty It was hide behind LOL
That's all for my collection 


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