11 Months 520

Sunday, May 19, 2013 in
Hola peeps
Is weekend
Plan to go anywhere?

Is me and my darling boy pak thor day ^6^
Saturday work as usual ~~
I start work at Damansara primary school for swipe and robotics
Until 1:30pm
We went to 1 Utama after I have finish work
Poor me
HEADACHE again~!!
I also don't know how I got headache
Yesterday I also got headache
Didn't rest well though = =
At first thought of want back home rest then go for gai gai
But We straight head to 1 utama
Had our lunch settle there as well
Today is the 18th of the month
Is our Month of Anniversary
11 Months liao
Everyday still like a valentine day for us~~
Due to my headache we actually didn't shop for long
Really not I want >.<

We had our lunch - KOREAN FOOD
Because I actually wanted to eat korean or japanese food>>>
So we went to Isetan Food Paradise to have our Late lunch

WON a korean dining
Inside was beautiful design
The Food Paradise in Isetan Got Japanese and Korean food
And this restaurant stand out
Because Just 1 Korean Restaurant inside xD

My darling lunch~
Both we love soup a lot
So we order soup and rice together
Mine is kimchi soup~
His is beef soup~ (i guess) LOL

Our ้…่œ~
Sorry for blur photo xD
darling say the prickle taste weird
So far all four was Ok Ok for me ~

Did I have the blur look ==
Darling say his hand look so big xD

My super peace pose xD

Couple Selca #1

Couple Selca #2

Couple Selca #3
Darling say he close eye only cuz wan feel like I sayang him~~ hehe

Couple Selca #4

Bii say~ 
Love our far shot
Our Couple shirt~!!
Jeng ler~~
Darling say he not biasa with wearing couple shirt
He say other people will stare at him
He feel uneasy xD
But he also start to get use to it liao~
This Converse shirt bought for him during his birthday~~ haha
Love it lol
After lunch
We shop a while
Buy quite a lot of stuff~
Not mine 
but for him>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Later I start to feel not well
Headache getting serious liao ~.~

My sick look i took while my darling trying shirt at FOS
He buy one shirt 
That i really love it~
LAter We went back home
And I just sleep inside car xD

DArN it headache
Sleep early at 9pm**
Sunday need wake up at 7AM~!!


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