Stop for blogging for a while xD
Been busy with work
originally I suppose finish work around 4pm
But because student got training
I have to OT until 6pm
And nearly Everyday I have to stay that late
So it was very tiring for me
But no choice have to work hard

Today is saturday
Work half day as usual
Friday suppose to attend Caroline birthday party~
But I didn't attend
Due to sick
With sore throat and cough
It been a week my throat not feeling well
And it was tough for me because
As a teacher throat and voice is important for us
Luckily the week is exam week
Although some classes I still shout and scold a lot
And it was not good for my throat
Sometimes still have no choice
My darling keep ask me to drink water only lor
and 冲茶 for me haha
cute bibiii

SAturday night is My ex college wedding dinner at Kepong
So me and my boi boi need attend
And I feel excited and gan jiong de
Because I have been away from college for 2 years liao lol
Actually I only just seen them before but not that familiar xD
But still I get excited to attend also
Oh ya
Her wedding dinner got a theme for it
That is 
"New Shang Hai Night" Vintage Theme Dinner 

Dress code: 
Vintage / 复古 ( 唐装/旗袍 - any vintage clothes )
When I first saw the theme I was a bit 抓头
because don't know what to wear
I got one cheongsam that is super RED

This wan~
But I think a bit too 夸张
so I decided not to wear like this
Instead I wear vintage style LOL
Later Will post up the photo
Saturday was very tired
Because not sleep very well on Friday Night
So after lunch with mummy We nappy for while

Later We get change and wake by Pamela phone call >.<
Because I will went to Pam house for make uping
So later everything was ready
We went to the place At Kepong 新翠華樓
we reach there around 7pm
And for us it was quite early
Because Kl style
Come late to wedding dinner ==

Selca picto of my OOTD# Black and white
Got the Tops from The It Girl Online Boutique
The MANGO bag from Istalk Fashion
Selca with Pamela Dearie ^6^
Selca with my darling boi~
He so freaking tall
after I wearing the 3 inch heels = =
Selca ING
Non Stop acting cute ^6^
Friend Selca #1

Friend Selca 2#

We were selca Ing
While waiting Guest to arrived
As usual Wedding dinner is BORING
for real
We been sitting and waiting for 2 hours there

Menu Selca #3

The hall view from our table~
The food was nice and delicious LOl
But due to the late timing
We just manage to finish up some of the dishes only
Basically we can't see clearly the main stage from our table de~

My make up of the day
With black liner
And while liner below my eyelid
Although not clear enough xD

I got my hair curl xD
And I do it myself~
Super Love it ^6^

Of cause here come our couple shot of the day ^6^
#1 Shot

#2 shot ^6^

#3 shot~ simple love this shot~
Got a better lighting and pose xD

This is when the dinner end around 11pm++
It was surely late >.<
Actually there are some photo I took with friends
The photo I posted here basically from my camera
I will post out more photo if my friend posted the photo on facebook~
Having a fun night although we were exhausted and tired
Especially My darling boy

ciau peeps =)

I been bombing by red card for the 3rd time ^6^

Saw me? LOL
I think I got a weird pose xD

All the Leng Luis are here~ xD
And I think that my Outfit color doesn't suit also lol ==

Last group photo from us ^6^
Although Not all are from Tarcian~
But still this photo is still lovely
My darling boy just wait me and didn't join the group photo >0<

Taken From HO >>>not very familiar though xD

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