Dinner Chaos

Friday, May 24, 2013 in
ello peeps
Its weekend now
time for blogging
After working for 4 days
And it is finally school holiday!!!
I waited for this day for quite long already
Since school holiday for 2 weeks
I can rest and no need face student
But maybe few days I will back meet with student gua ==
Anyway where have we been for this week Pak thor neee

22nd May 2013
We finally went to try Smashies Burger near Jalan Genting Klang
We never went there before since its opening xD
And sometimes we will thinking where should eat for dinner
First time went there
and I forget to take the photo of their interior
Instead I took photo of the burger

Burger we order~
Actually quite like their bun color
Because it is colorful 
Got red, yellow and black de xD

Biii order
Beef with bacon
My favorite xD
Very nice lo`~~
Biii having this set with Onion Ring call the - Happy Cow xD

My super delicious Burger
This come with beef too
But with Red bun and hot sauce
of cause with my love hash brown  ^6^
The sauce actually quite spicy de lol
not realised with that too haha
My burger set come with fries called - Red Moo

Our couple Selca 1# actually took some de
But I think i clip my fringes too high
Until its look so ugly on me LOL
Just find this look better the haha

23rd May 2013
Our dinner at Pat Kin Pat San
Its been a while we having our lovely sweet dinner there already
Today is Thursday
And we been out for two days continuous
Because tomorrow we will not seeing each other for one day
We will back to each other hometown
My mummy de
Usually at Pat Kin Pat San 
I will order the 老鼠粉 only
Because I just love this dish xD
But not today perhaps
So I order other dishes

Taste not bad too
Forget what the name
炒皇帝面 like that

This my darling boy 
Ate for twice already xD
Quite 开胃
not spicy though

Busy playing biibiii tab xD
Love this candid by my bii~
Tiny Farm
Love their little cute animal de lol!!

Selca Time
Not Really take much photo xD
Love this photo
Super cute~

Finally have this cute couple shot
Before we left
gonna miss him so much
Although we just didn't meet for one day T________T

24th May 2013

early morning i cry and touch because of this MV xD
think of my darling also xD

Super fall in love in this song~
She is one of my favorite Actress too~!!


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