Ikea + Church

Sunday, May 05, 2013 in
Heyy peeeps,
having a sweet weekend with my love ones
STill have one more day until our GE13
Are you guys nervous~~~
Today we plan to went IKEA
Because mummy wan get a cupboard for brother
His room is very pack so actually not many choices of cupboard can fit into his bedroom already
We actually walked and shop for around 1 hour plus~
And I really love shop Ikea
You can see a lot nice Furniture and design there
I love their guarantee for us as well =)
Mummy take the measure ruler and pencil to write down the measurement for the cupboard
And was 20cm only LOL
I was like so small space ler!!!
Really no choice lor
Have to buy one space de cupboard
But Ikea furniture price some are quite expensive because of it quality
We actually spotted some very nice cupboard de lo~
I didn't take any furniture photo de xD
My own selca picto time outside the toilet xD Tops from Supermodel Wardrobe ~ Love it and sexy shoulder xD
Couple Shot ^^

Beside b the furniture I like
The other things i like about Ikea
Is their Meatball!!

Steal one photo from google xD
Super love the meatball and the sauce of cause ~
Hard to describe but it worth to try~
We order 15 meatball RM 14.90, One Sausage set and Salmon set
Actually the sausage we didn't think to order 
But we never try before 
So we just give it a try xD

And ta dang our lunch of the day~
Loook like very less right
But still we ate until very full
The sausage actually got a crunchy taste
Because it gt the thick skin~~ wahahaha
The mushroom taste great~
Super LONG sausage~ xD
My boy boy also surprise with it size too~
We finish our lunch until 1:30 pm
We continue our shopping at the other department xD
We didn't actually bought the cupboard also lol
The cupboard was LONG and i think cannot fit inside darling car oh
So actually quite wasted didn't buy the cupboard T__________T
But still having relax relax time with Mum and my boy boy LOL


After sent my mum back home
Me and darling go AEON for grocery
For tomorrow cooking again~!!
Due to tomorrow Voting Day so this evening we will having service on Saturday night
I have been two weeks not going to church service due to work LOL
Kinda miss the praise and worship together ^6^
And mostly can meet back my dear churchies Friend!!
after service we were so bust taking photo together
So overwhelming as well

Dinner before go church service~
Bat Kut Teh ^6^

Dear Michelle ^^

Dear Pamie ^6^

Selca 1 * 

Selca 2* I was hidden behind ah~

Selca 3* All Leng lUiss xD

That all for the day 
Althought tiring day
Not really rest at home~

Can't wait for tomorrow
Although I haven't register as voter (gulp**)
Gambateh World~
God Bless Malaysia

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