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TODAY is labour day
So call 劳动节
Is a Holiday as well
But for me is a day That I have been wait for long
is another OUTDOOR SHOOTING for me
I must say first
I'm not a preettyyy kay
Or Very tall
With very JENG body shape or what
I'm just a normal girl with normal that just simply fall in love wit
A superb guy xDDD
Wonder if he sees this~
Oh ya,
so no rest day for me
Morning Outdoor Shooting
Evening Gathering with Secondary friends
Maybe I nervous
I can't really sleep well the night before
So I 6am wake up already
And alarm ring at 6:30am
Start ready and make up for like 1 hour
Darling fetch me around 8:15 am
The distance from My house to I-City took about 30-40 minutes
So we reach there around 9 am

The weather actually look awful
Because It come with Big wind and cloudy
So we didn't manage to shoot once we reach there >.<
We wait the wind to turn smaller
And actually when it come to Sunny day
It didn't last long LOL
The cloud turn black very fast
And we were so worry LOL
STUPID F***** Weather
We actually shoot two theme
One with White Dress ( from Supermodel Wardrobe )
One with Jumper
With the bad weather we actually shoot quite fast xD

I super love this photo~  
don't know how and why darling shoot until so nice ^6^

This photo looks a bit sexy look i guess~
But still the expression I LOv3 it a lot~
Not all the time I can come out this expression also xD

This photo is another outfit  of the day~
Super cute look~ with my jumper xD
So far this 3 is my favourite top 3 photo of DA DAY~

Love this background so much
Comes with my favorite purple background xD

Although the weather not so good on that day
But We still carry on the shooting
still having fun together
I am so happy also with the shooting
And thankful have this cute and wonderful boyfriend
Although we are both nervous
Still this shooting has end successfully
Hope to do this more with my darling Boy boy
Really have to Thanks God for having a Perfect partner in Life
Hope that God can continue bless and guide us through our Relationship

Any idea of any theme that I want to shoot?
Darling ask,
Erm...maybe vintage or kampung feel??
Have to plan our shooting again lol

ciau peeeps~

If you wish to view more of the shooting photos you can click HERE

Thx guyss


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