Rainie Yang 为爱启程世界巡回演唱会 宣传片

Feel like wanted to write Chinese post here
but seem like my Brother laptop Chinese version hard to type de==
So better I continue with my English post
This post is YES about my lovey artist - Rainie Yang
I guess I won't really introduce her biography
But is about the day she came to Malaysia to 宣传 her concert on 29th of June 2013
Actually I have no idea she is coming Malaysia to do 宣传
Is my darling boy ask 楊丞琳want come to Malaysia le
You want to go see her?
I think i answer my darling without hesitate say YES lol

So this thing just happen
And my darling boy apply half day leave just to fetch me go Submit USJ
To see my idol ^6^
Because as you all know Subang is a area which are always jam ==
We reach there around 6:30pm
 selca #1

Cute couple selca #2

The stage view and me =D

And before that because I still doubt ing
I still go online search for it =p
And It kinda piss off my darling boy xD
The concourse is not that big
And the chair and the distance 观众 from the stage is not that far also
But I kinda scare and excited
SO our dinner settle at Old Town coffee
Around 7pm there were crowds who are waiting for Rainie 
And of cause her FANs CLUB people was there too
I love the Fans club because they got one super cute cartoon of Rainie =)

What do I actually love about Rainie?

She is pretty, cute and sexy. I watch her from 可爱教主 until now 女神.
I love her changes and her hardworking she do for her loved ones.

When do I start love Rainie?

erm....I think like most of the fans. I started to know Rainie from drama.
恶魔在身边,was truly a nice drama and worth to watch~
When she become a singer, or start to sing I eventually fall in love with her voice.

Which of her song I like the most?

Actually every of it, haha xD 
Each time she came out with a new song, she bring the 新鲜感 of the song.
And I really like it a LOT.

Can't think of any question liao =P
back to topic
And none like other artist
The event start at 8pm
Rainie arrived just in time with pretty dress and cute ponytail
And everyone was thrilled about her arrival as well
My darling bring a super big DSLR
70-200m de LOL
Want him take many shot of my super Rainie hehe!!
Beside that
They have the “痣”感美女大赛
Have the top 5 finalist, have a small 媒体专访 and game session
That I didn't participate>>>>>>
Because a bit scare scare ma
Although feel a bit regret (gulp*****)
Because they got her concert ticket de LOL
Although I already got ticket by my darling~~ (muacks muacks)
Not really want to blah a lot of word here
Maybe you all can continue by seeing Rainie Super LENG photo ba

The emcee frm MYFM~
forget his name ~.~

Rainie arrival ^6^

AT first Rainie very nice answer the question by us ~
She gt 12-13 years didn't come to Malaysia liao lol~

微笑 =)


思考中....ing xD 
Love this candid shot ler

Rainie keep adjust her dress ~

Actually This was a landscape photo but then I cut it
Become Portrait~
I really love Rainie smile lol~
Super pretty and felt warm =D


回应我们的丞琳 ~



够 CHOK  了吧~ xD





 摆POSE也很赞 ^6^

My excited face ==
Super Gao xiao la~

she hold my hand and say Thankiu~
I super happy ler~
But Actually From far you can see that Rainie is very thin LOL
A bit 心疼 lol

Although I didn't stay after the event all end
But I still feel so happy and excited LOL
First time in my life I 追星
hiak hiak
So memorable
And of cause 追 my top favourite STAR la

Btw 4th of June is Rainie Birthday
and all the best in her wonderful like
Hope she have a healthy body and pretty Forever!!

Love her purple hair

Sometimes I think without this man
All of this wouldn't happen to me so wonderfully 


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