Shooting With Love

Today is Bright Sunday~
I got no more headache ^6^
After church
We have a Photo Shoot With Eyecap Studio At titiwangsa
We actually bought from Groupon
Darling say lets Have fun 
So Darling bought the promotion
Actually was quite nervous~
Because first time ma
With My boi boi together wor
Will be our new experience
So we book our time from 12:30pm-1:30pm
As you know sun will be like Shine bright like a Diamond
So We actually a bit late
Because stay longer at church
What we wearing for the shooting?
We wear Purple~~
Darling wear Purple Shirt
I wear Purple Dress

We reach Titiwangsa ard 12:25pm
I make up a while~
Walk to the place we meet 12:35pm liao
The sun was quite hot as well
The photographer ask us to shot under treess with Shade
I'm wearing heels which are super duper not comfortable @@
walk on grass with mud and stone= =
These are some nice photo we took

The Landscape

Love this photo
Because both we are smiling
So sweet and happy ler~~
Although my darling say gt teeth not nice ler
But I think when he smile with teeth SUPER CUTE!!
So my facebook cover photo come with this photo ^6^

Just realized the emotion of us are different
Darling got a cool and 微笑 pose look at me
And me got a big smile and look at other place
Still I feel this photo not bad too~!!
Like the blur from the tree

Love the idea of sitting on this bench xD
Closing our eye
enjoy the sunlight ~
I am hugging my darling super big HAND xD

This Pose is our idea
So the photographer also let us pose and take the photo xD


I super love this ONE~!!!
Super sweett lerrrr
Actually I'm sliding liao de lol~
I'm very de heavy ahh~~

After 1 hour of shooting
I already beh tahan
And hot weather
Make us both sweaty sweaty xD
Actually we can't get the photo all so fast de
But we can't wait to see
So we buy all the original copy
And edit ourself xD LOL
We will get 10 4R size photo and 2 8R size 
After They edited and post to us xD
Around 30 working days gua~
maybe will upload after we got the DVD and photo lol
After all the fun of shooting
I continue selca in darling car xD

Purple Peace xD

Couple selca #1

Couple Selca #2

Act Innocent xDDDD
My darling love it de ~

Got another lovely Ronald Mcdonald~
Biiii say I have to keep one more 
To hug it
To love it
To play it
So I got 2 of this~!!!
Eating McDonald after the shooting~
hand with Nugget
I got my hubby to hold the cute Kitty for me ~^6^

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