Hola peeeeps
Today is my birthday =D
Today is friday 28th of June
Went to work as usual
SO happy when they are two of my lovely student give me PRESENT!!
Later 4pm, after work back home and get change before went for a romantic dinner date xD
I got all my 4 present from my super darling~~~~

My #ootd
Actually inside have one small purple singlet that I cover with this cardigan xD
My #1st present Kitty with flower =D

Since the light so nice =D
#1 couple shot first~

I so damn likey this KITTY!!!!!!
This was the #last #surprise by my darling.
Thank so much for his LOVE for me~~~

Jam for 1 hour to KLCC
Cam whoring time~

My purple singlet shown~~
Because it was super sexy, so I can take of the cardigan on bii car only xD

Guess what is my biiiii fat finger~ xD


Super reflected light again~
hiak hiak~

Our super couple shot =)
Really bored on the car~ hahaha

A cute GIF from me =D

At last, look I am so comfy with my hello kitty shoulder pillow xD

Our dinner place =)

Cam whoring time!!
#1st shot
We do this cute 嘟嘴~

#2 Our smile pose~

Love in my hand~
Sayang Sayang my cute bii~~

Bii say want take the light behind us~=)

#Spaghetti #olio My darling dishes~
Super tasty and delicious~

My beef dish lol~
Quite cute and small size xD

Our Drink of the day xD
Call the Eye Opener~
Strawberry and orange juice, actually mixed a lots of fruit inside~

This is how fun we are~
After meal, we use vege to do faces xD

Second Vege face that are smiling~!!

A lots of wine and champagne xD 

Inside of #Chinoz 
Nice and elegant design~
And My bii say their kitchen is super way LONG~
Inside there are still function but I didn't dare to go in LOL!!

Purple singlet from Supermodel Wardrobe 
Skirt from Sg wang 6th floor
Shoes from Jelly Bunny
Coach bag indeed
Purple flower clip from Pipit ^6^

My Cake of da day~
Babe say birthday should have cake ma~
So we ate one piece of cake at Bisou~
beside dinner
Darling bought movie ticket too~~

The Heat~
Bii say want watch comedy movie
So we decided to watch this movie~

This movie surely is a laughter for me~
Because I laugh a lot compare to my darling~
I laugh and keep PIAK my darling sit beside me...pity him**
After movie I back home near 11pm already
Tomorrow still got work oh~
Ofcause sleeep early lo~
Having a Super happy birthday from my darling~~
He always brings the goodness and happiness in me =D

Present time =D

My student design the card ~

I love the bling bling word oh~

First present by my darling~
He say the hello kitty very cute and got the word I love you.
Express what he want to say to me =D

Second present is this hand bag~
That are LArgE, bii say is especially for me to use at work.
He say want colorful abit, don't want always use black black de handbag to work =D

Inside is bluuuueeee flower
super nice lol~
Darling say like fall into flower PARADISE~

3rd present~
Kitttyyy Meow again~

This time is couple mode~
Bii say is valentine de ~
Super cuteee =D because got couple de~

Not forget behind got this super cute WING~~
Looks so real horrrr

The front accessories~
Got the bow and arrow~ cupid style =D

The last is super surpriseeeee =DD
I got this black kitty skeleton FINALLY~~
I beeen craving for it~~
I was quite sad too because can't have it yet =(
Because Singapore got this collection coming out
 And people are Q ing 1 km and 1 whole night for it~~
My darling just got it now where~~~
For anyone who wanted to BUY it
Can click here to see

Pressie from my student~
Quite happy de lol~
And the cup was soooo cute~
Love the head 3D wan xD

Another big blue kitty~ =D
Super big, bigger than the cup =D
cute hor~~

Thx Michelle babe for this present =DDD
Love the Quote of the book~
I will enjoy the little moment spent with you!!

Last presssie from my student~
Thx Micheellee~
Super cuteee monkey =D
And the hello kitty box was super stunning~

Thank you all who wishes me =D
No matter who you are ~
Or even late wishes or present
I all also received it!!!
Super thanks to alll~~~


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