I'm back
After the work trip to Morib with my students
Really having fun though
Although have to babysit them xD
And the two days is been a tiring day for us LOL
The run around activities
The sleep
The room
The food

So back to work with a tiring mood
And weekends are busy with activities as well
Saturday 8th June 2013
Is one of my church member wedding
I been attend wedding for the third time by this year
(just Half of the year only ler = =)
Actually I got work on that day de
But I just want to attend their wedding
So I take leave and went to Ange And Joshua Thean Wedding
Was late to Glad Tidings Church xD
Only we realize the time change from 10:30am to 10am LOL
Me and boiii reach there around 11am = =
Late 1 hour le

Selca #1 at car

Selca #2 with peace~

I 偷偷 took the fat hand photo again xD with my hand~

Time to wear the ring~
And declare them As WIFE and HUSBAND ^6^

My braid moutasche
I simply tie a small braid behind ^6^

The K King~
Our bro Justin Phua

Our first Couple Selca #1 #lovey

Our preeettty Bridemaids =)
Allecia HO~

From left to right : My darling, Mr Joshua Thean & Mrs Angeline Thean, Me and Allecia ^6^

Today the LENG zai and LENG lui~
Both they are so sweet and happy~

The flower decor along the benches ^6^

I stole of the flower for myself xDD
With #flower Selca #1

With flower selca #2

So the crowds was doing some noise when I came out with the flower = =
SO here Adrian learning Justin #smile #of #the #day

Another happy #couple ^6^

I look so pale = =
Wrong make up (gulp**)
My #outfit #of # the #day
#Blue dress
Shoe from Forever 21
Coach Bag

My Flower Boy~~
Super cute and nice smile he had =D

He holding the flower selca #3

Me holding The flower Selca 4#

Thats all for the morning session =D
After wedding and lunchies with church~
I didn't manage to take photo with them T_______T
Because me and darling eaten lunch earlier
Later we back home have a nap 
Get ready for dinner time ~!!

The wedding look book ~
Super look good ler
Love their wedding shot for the Church de
So romantic de lor =D

Me and Allecia- she without heels xD

With Allecia half body =)

Table of Guest ~

Interior main design~

Guest table near the Aquarium =D

The cute banner ~=)
Hand made tim ~

We having our tid bits before the wedding start oh~

Cheese Baked Rice ~

The VIP table for family~

The Yamseng table and cake =D

At first thought don't have our photo ==
Then When I saw this was soo cute and funny lo
My wan was normal normal la
But when I saw my darling de
I just can't stop laughing xDD
It was totally not him~
but can be his motivation =D

Me and Jess~

Jess and Johanna~

Me with Michelle Selca #1

Me with Michelle Selca #2

Me with Babe~

Pamie Dear with me =D

All our Leng Lui's photo xD
Looks so nice and fun =)

Toilet Selca #1
me front, Mich behind

Michelle and Stephanie

The guys~
COme on and show Your Kung-Fu Pose ~HAH!!
Actually got girls photo de
But not in my camera~
Forget ask them help to took also =p
Anyway Having fun with all the people~
happy that My boy and me can attend Ange & Joshua Thean Big Day Celebration =)

At last~
Our group Photo~
Look at my camera

A big congrats to Angeline & Joshua Thean
Hope you guys have a Blessed Marriage

*ps : Please do come and visit us ya ~

Song by Justin
Stand by Me =)

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