Its 29th today~
I'm still in Birthday mode
because I still left One present by my darling too
That is rainie yang concert ticket~
So after my work around 1:30pm
We back home and pack some cloths~
And went up to Genting Highlands~

We start our journey around 4pm
On the way to Genting,
Gothong Jaya
There have a strawberry farm that are super beautiful with LAVENDER
And myy bii saw many photographers went up there and shoot a LOTS of leng leng photo
So we decided to shot at there also ^6^
We reach Gothong Jaya around 4:20pm
In just 20 minutes journey to the half way of Genting =D

After a light make up in the car,
We prepare to SHOOT photo LOL
One small things happen too
Because I got bring a very cute and preettyy flower headband
I accidentally drop it NOWHERE
So its quite sad for my darling at first
Because he thought that hairband was so nice and suitable for today shooting =(
But some how this small little unhappy things pass
And we really have fun in this time shooting~
Because believe me
The flower will gonna STUN you!!!!

Ta dang~
Shot by my darling DSLR 60D ya ^6^

When I saw this, mood also can be very happy =)

When I first saw this, I feel like so cute =D
Posing timee~

I love my hair~

A pose beside the fence, because the lavender actually surround by this white fence.
We saw one gardener inside there so we dare not went into it~

So we just shoot photo outside the fence first, bii say when the gardener not looking then we went inside and took photo!
With the morning glory =)

We went inside already~
Feel so jeng because surround by my favourite flower~
WOO hoo~
Love this cute pose =D

GIF of the day =D
Although the color look different~
Lazy edit back jo~hahaha

SMileeeee =D

Saw this effect very suit with this photo xD
#Peace #of #the #world

Somehow the photo in these lavender all are very preeetyy and I love so much~

Flower pretty or ME!? haha

This was SUPER LENG~~
Thank you my darling =D Its my cover photo now by the way =D 

This was take so nice =D Although my shoe make the photo looks weird~ DUH~!!

Later my darling ask me to cover the shoe with my dress xD Its come out like this~
Super got feel and nice hor !!

Another side of the lavender farm, there is Carnation planted along the way =D
There are a lot of color, red, pink, white and yellow.
So pretty and colorful~

So sorry~
Can't keep like the cuteness of this deco~ xD

Open my wide hand ~

love this cute and notti shot ~

Behind the lavender farm there are also small yellow daisy planted~ =D
We just went in a while and shot some only =P

I simple love this flower background, because it looks so nature and beautiful~

Cute flower pose xD

Sit on the fence also can have this pretty shot =)

My darling love holding my hand and shot photo of me ~

There is this shop inside the farm as well. They sell lavender merchandise and this cute little doll =D Super cute and purplish!!

Another shot with lavender =D Light purple ~

Happy smile =D show how happy I am~

There are 4 small house when you step into the farm. But I saw this purple small house, just love this design only xD

Side face pose =D

Somehow I think I just love funny pose =D 

On the way back lor, last photo =D

OMG!!!! I am surround by parrots~~ A bit hard to relax because was quite heavy the big parrot was on my left shoulder was super naughty. Because keep pull my hair == And the Yellow cute parrot that I super like~ 

cute birdieee!!

super fierce look~ 

This red parrot was cute too!!

The way back was very far, brings us go 转圈圈, haha! We shot for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Biii say time a bit too long xD Because you can't resist the purpleness of the flower xD

On the way to Genting, bii drive quite fast because 8:30pm we got another round of activities~
We manage reach First World and find a good parking ~
Dinner at 7:40pm, eating at lobby =D
Everything went smoothly ~
And the concert was SUPERB~
My first time concert just give to her, She really is my 全能天后~
Super Love her!!!
Hope to see her back to Malaysia again~~

Our superman couple tee =DD

The first outfit =D
When she come out~
I was so excited!! Can't stop screaming~~ hehehe

Rainie is hanging upside down~
She is so geng and can sing for few minute with that pose ~>0<

The heavy and dark outfit ~

Love her super cute and pretty smile =D
She was pretty and cute wearing this dress~

I was more surprise and thrilling~ When I saw her dance because I super love her dance and miss her dance =) She dance and sing so well~~

Her shirt glow in the dark~
Superb design =D

She always wear this outfit to dance~
Looks so elegant and touch~~

大东~ is Rainie 表演嘉宾~
They duet 王见王, super happy and sweet saw they both sing together on stage ~ 大东perform one song promise from His Taiwan drama~

Love this look~
With fake pink short bob hair~
Makes her looks so pretty!!

After encore a while, rainie Yang comes out~ She was so geng because she sings and piano at the same time~
Oh gosh~ 她也太正了吧!!

After the song, she sang one last song and dive into this big bowl of water >0< SUPER TROLLLL

She is so brave enough to be in that bowl of water for 10 sec ~
So proud of her ~
Happy to be her fans for life =)

After 3 hours of super concert, we went back and rest =D

ps: Rainie Yang photo took from Galaxy Group

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