Sorry If keep disturbing you guys
because its 3rd day already and my birthday mood still ON-going
Because of my babe darling lo~~
He super sweet and care about my thoughts and feeling =D
Awww..so sweet of him xD
By the way, he just can't stop surprising me all this~
I also don't know how my heart can tahan with all his LOVE surprise for me~
But who don't like surprise LER~~
So I'm glad I have this super love me boyfriend to do all this for me =D
I will love him and sekz him gao gao with all my heart ~

Back to the topic, hehem
After Rainie Yang concert, we back Kuala Lumpur the next day.
Because we were VERY tired, so we skip church >0< so bad huh
So we have a light breakfast at Genting Highland~
Start journey around 11am+
Just the half way, my biii suddenly drive very fast until I cannot stand ~
I a bit frustrated and decided not to bother and SLEEP~!!
He say want to cut Q~ because the bus was driving very fast ==!!
We reach back KL around 12pm
Somehow I smell ratsssss

well, My surprise + happy face~
How dare my darling say no celebration with them huh!!
Feel a bit paiseh because so many people watching and the Happy birthday song was playing while we walk in xD

I'm having that kind of face telling I'm damn so happy =D LOL
The chicken = =~!!

With the cake~
Although my darling told me about this cake prepare for me, but the next day he told me don't have the cake already. How come still appeared!! == hahaha

After around of chit chatting, sing song and wishing~ I was so thrilled and the candle are about to drown. So I wish for everyone and cut the cake~

Cake from Bisou , KLCC
Darling say its rainbow cake btw~

Everyone one piece~~
Rainbow cake is super duper COLORFUL~~

photo time=)
Thanks to all this cuties help me celebrate my birthday =D

WIth this pcs of cake**
No Make up~ certainly think of it~~
OH noo~~

Photos with the guys =)
Feel so funny and warm ~

At Last have this sweet photo of the day =)
After the cake eating session, we having a small gathering.
Me and darling boy didn't eat any lunch~ xD

So happy and thankful and friends celebrate birthday together with me =)
Although is a bit late but I still received thx so much!!
Loves you guys so much ya~~

Thx to Kendrick for all this lovely photo**

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