Today is 22nd of June
Still got 6 days till my birthday
But Today we went to celebrate dinner together with my family and my darling
He buy 4 buffet voucher from Groupon
So We fetch my mum at my own house
Preparing up myself with dress and make up
Fetching My brother at KLCC because he is working!!
We are having our dinner at The Zon Hotel
The hotel was quite hard to find because it was quite inside == LOL

Selca of the day #1

Selca of the day #2
My bii is not having a good temper now btw ~ >0<

Selca of the day #3
Act cute or chubby pose xD

Half body shoot =D
Don't know why
This photo is so niceeeee =)

Whole body shoot~
A bit blur due to dark lighting =D
A bit 可惜 because I think this was taken so good also ~

After alone selca
Heres come our couple Selca =D

The swimming pool view
Although a bit small but I feel kinda cute also =)

Inside view~

Their logo and name~

The buffet dining place =)
Can you see my bii was on the right side of this photo?
He is waiting for me.

Oh no~
Get caught while i was taking my brother sleeping photo~
Naughty right~
I know he is tired after 8 hours of work~

Dessert I guess~
Mango, but not that nice taste also =(

Is the other side of the view from our table~ 

BBQ by chef xD
I super love the 羊肉 marinated until so delicious

After meal, Lets eat some fruit~

We finish our dinner around 8:45pm
For 1 hour like that
Then we was like super full
Time to back home =D

So while waiting my bii to fetch us
Me and mummy
was going around taking photo like crazy

My mummy with the restaurant name =)

me with her selca
She don't like to take close shot ==
Until this photo a bit 走样

Last Photo of the day
Time to back home =)

6 more days to go >0<
Getting older 
Hope everything in my life went well
With my lovely family
With my darling
God bless me =D


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