Happy Weekend At Pavilion

Monday, June 10, 2013 in
ello peeeepssss,
Its weekend again
Hope you guys won't feel bored if I always post weekend stuff xD
Did I!?

Delicious meal at Tappers =)
With My church friends ~

Allecia eating Vegetables ler xDD
So rare to see ya~
Starting to diet and have a healthy meal I guess??

After lunch At Tappers
Me and my darling boy went to pavilion
To search for things we need to use when we go to Phuket
My #outfit #of #the #day
White blouse from Supermodel Wardrobe
Leggings from Uniqlo
Shoes from Jelly Bunny

Couple Selca
Saw this big mirror At Farenheit 88
I saw the Accessories there super nice
So I choose some to buy liao xD
We went to search Bikini for ME!!
And this shot
My boy and me looks good on this PHOTO =D

Self  Selca #1

Couple Selca #3

Did we look alike?
Purposely put side by side de

Couple Selca #4

After a walk at Farenheit 88 and didn't saw the bikini I want
We went back to Pavilion
To check on Cotton On 
Actually we check First at Cotton On
Thought Farenheit 88 have better choices
but Some of the boutiques Also in renovate

The SUPERB Sport car just A level near Cotton on ^6^

The seat are all printed with this small red crown ^6^

The stering and gear interior ~

The Car name is MASTERITI
I think you all can go and have a look or go online search for more =D

The backside of the car view =D hehe

Later we went to Daiso to buy my stuff
And after shopping a while at Daiso
We saw outside there are many Line Doll Paper Board
So we just decided to pose and took photo xD

Peace pose #1

I think quite sampat de lor me xD #2

Sing K pose #3

Cycling and singing ^6^

Gao xiao~
I just mimic his leg~
Forget his mouth with 嘟嘴~ haha

Thinking hard oh~

I want pass this love letter to you my darling~

I buy A light bright green bikini top
and flower underwear
and one shirt for outer wear +D

We went to buy sunscreen and some stuff for our coming trip
Can't wait~!!!
Let's be excited with it ya ^0^


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