Saturday, June 15, 2013 in
Want to blog a bit what I been through this whole week
Before I went to PHUKET
Its tomorrow~~
Can't wait
and gonna be so damn excited lol~!

This week I been having sore throat first
Then second come the FLU
It been a week My throat pain and
I still have to work
Luckily this week
School got General Knowledge Competition And Typing Competition
I no need to having class
Although some of the times need lar==
so I will shout a bit sometimes
So the sound was SEXY lol
Having some hard time using this voice to teach and scold 
Because throat will pain too
And flu
I like to have tissue besides me while eating
So when I am having flu
The tissue I usually use finish one whole box==
I kinda hate flu because the mucus thing will come out
from your throat and out to your nose==
the flu still continue
I stop eating medicine for two days
And eat the throat medicine
And the flu got Worsen
Until yesterday and the day before
I ate the flu medicine back
Eventually stop the flu larrr
Quite hard fighting with sick as you all know
Every night 
Need to eat medicine
Need to be on bed early
Need a lot of rest
Need a lot of water
But working need wake early
work nearly 12 hours liao
But the sleep I will go on bed either before 9am
Tomorrow will be a good condition
After 9:30am
Then will be a tired day for me
The working day keep me busy
Until Today I still need to wake early to work

Own Selca of my sick face
This was taken on friday
#Day #5 #sick


#2 Flu Flu flu~
Please go away~
Leave my nose forever >0<

Super love this selca~
Wearing white tube with Ladylike jacket
Maxi long blue skirt
Did you guys saw the blink of my ear ring~
*please ignore my background

Closer selca look
Tired face~

Today selca~
went to other school to Swipe and Robotics Course xD
#Day #6 #sick

Bii say I 不屑的脸

Love my shirt ya xD

Morning having hard time to wake up
then my blur face just Pop up ==

I actually try to smile just to look good in this photo
Don't want make you guys having heart attack after seeing this picto~

At last,
The people who suffer a lot too while I sick
Is my Honey BIIII lol
He keep take care of me and worry me
And of cause pray for me =)
Super sweet of him
I always love his kind heart and loving heart he has ~
I know he is tired too after work
Hence, he will come and accompany while I sick =D
Thank you bibi
I know you sayang me more than anything
Can't imagine life without YOU beside me =)


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