Weekend + Jelly Bunny

Tuesday, June 04, 2013 in
Its weekend and its Sunday
Went to church
And later got another shooting as well
Not sure about the shooting also de LOL
Because not really well plan xD

So I just simple blog about the day how we spent together ^6^

See the bruise I made on my darling hand~
TROLL, right?
Its been a week this black green on his hand
And he say I got a big mouth
But I thought I just bite small small only~

Couple Shirt #ootd with my darling
Actually we just plan to wear this shirt
But when we meet up
We find that the pants we also wear da same ==

My super act cute pose xD

The drinks we order also similar

The pants and the cloths we wear~

#ootd for the shooting
Actually also discuss quite to whether join or not de==
Finally I got change and make up
Ready for the shooting
The venue is at KLCC Park

Couple selca #3

oh ya, 
Our theme of the day is colorful + headphones

I totally love this shot~
By me xD
Act cool de us xD

Here I wanted to do a blog review of Jelly Bunny at KLCC

Shoe in Cage =D

Simply love their elegant design ^6^

Super colorful LOGO 
And cute and chubby 

This is their new collection of their color
Morning Daisy collection ~
Super nice and soft color de~

There are discount for each if You Purchase 2 of their shoe~
It was funny because
When we pay at the cashier, 
I actually ask is there any discount?
They say yes
My bii ask how many %?
They answer the resit got write ~
And when we leave only we saw this banner LOL xD

The center of the design~
The shoe on the rack hang on the ceiling xD
As you can see~
There are many people
Especially Malay!? LOL

Their shoe all hang on the wall nicely
According to the color and the design
And I find it neatly to see and it save space too!!

I super love their high heels design lol~
Super cute and elegant to see ler~~

This is the new star collection as well ~=P
Gt different color as well~

heels~ OMG~
Its so nice just the price a bit Expensive T-T

There is a super high and big mirror on the wall~
As the people try the shoe they can look closely
Mirror, mirror on the wall
who the prettiest of all xD

Super hippy and colorful bunny doll =)

Okay, what I like about this poster is the SHOE!! xDD

The photo I take is Jelly Bunny at KLCC
They have 3 Outlets in Malaysia
Mid Valley , KLCC and 1 Utama

Their outlets mainly at Thailand de =)

After shopping a while,
We pass here and we decided to went in to survey and see the photo of the finalist~^6^
Superb and great experience with my baby~

At last~
I been tell my darling that I want to eat GOOD and NICE food la~
So we decided to eat Japanese Food
And I just think of here YUZU~
I still remember I went here before with Pamela and Chee Seng de xD

Biii order~ 
Chicken de

Selca again~

A selca before our dinner start xD

My set~
Comes with all my favourite food~
Sago noodle, rice with fish, 3 slice of Salmon, tempura

This is BEEF
Super delicious~
With nice butter taste ~=)

Salmon sashimi~
Still My all time favorite xD

Lastly, A little argument happen
But All well end well
I Always Appreciate a lot when I spend time with My precious boy
I hope the love can remain and we can grow mature together
Still in this road,
They are many obstacle we need to face and go through ^-^
I may still immature and childish in thinking~
Sorry my darling
if it makes you feel bad and sad
I hope God can guide us in all the way we do~^~^

The 1st shoe I buy from Jelly Bunny =)

The side~

The front~
When bii saw it he say weird ler
After I wear it and its look good on me xD
Rm89 but got 20% discount ya

The second shoe =)
Yellow slipper super cute ah!!

Especially the ribbon oh xD

The 3rd wan~
I buy this way before~
During Chinese New Year Month I guess

I Love You, My darling Joseph Low


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