Hey peeeps, as you all seen the title you all will know me and my darling been together for 1 year and a month. No matter what happen between us, our loves still stay sweet and love forever. =D

Today BIII is going to bring me to 1 Utama to have a sweet dinner which I don't know which Restaurant he will bringing me to =P

He fetching me home and have a bath. Left the house around 5:30pm~

Selca time, wearing blue singlet with a skirt I super like it!!

Didn't use a lot of make up, my darling always say I look very preettty and nice without make up XD
Ahhhh, bother it ~

Using My new eyeliner from Maybeline =D

Couple Selca in the car =D

Biii is wearing cute pink Polo, which I never seen him wear before. I wearing blue to match with him =D

Cute biii in the Car ~

We reach 1 Utama around 6+pm already. Biii decided to straight bring me to that Restaurant.

Is L.table~ What a cute name~ haha, It was located inside 1 Utama , Lavender Bakery and Bistro. if you click into the Lavender page, you will realise actually L is stand for Lavender. This restaurant is under their company =D

Their Bistro famous with wine as well, so My darling suggest me to order their wine, is just Rm20+ per glass only. Cranswick Lakefield Chardonnay from Australia, The waitress actually suggest White Wine because I'm having Spaghetti as my main course. This wine is a bit sweet and just nice smell.


Me Picto with my White wine =D

Biii drink, Passion Fritz =D

Our seat is sofa seat that are so comfortable =D

Their environment =D Are super comfy and comfortable to relax and have a Wine =D

The other side of the Bistro is design with book Racks =D

Love this quote~ Wine is actually quite good for our body =D

Sofa seats~

The name of their Bistro =D After I took photo until here, one of the waitress just told me that I cannot take photo of their Bistro except deisgn with words LOL.

My Wild Mushroom soup =D

Bii de Fish and chips =D Deliciousos~

My dish, Salmon with Spaghetti =D

After a sweet and delicious dinner, we start cam-whoring around =D

SMile cheesee~

Biii say he fake his smile LOL

Our funny pose.

Cute pose~

My wine of glass, I actually feels like a lot but actually is just half of the wine. Biii also tell me why people drink wine must use this wine glass because mostly people will smell the wine before they drink.

Look of the day,
Tops from Time Square
Skirt from Brands Outlet (it is leather skin skirt)
Vincci shoes =D

My eyes look so big and fake ~haha

Inside the dressing room of Brand Outlet, haha, trying my new jeans with star pattern. It was super nice =D I try to wear it out someday~!! haha

After dinner, we start to shop around at 8+pm. Haha, Bii bought a lot of shirts at Brands Outlet ~ That I super love xD

Oh ya, I have this big blue ribbon that I made it myself!! =D

We ended our shopping and celebration around 9pm. It's time to went home for rest, we are working tomorrow~!!

I am still happy and look so HANG FOK with my dearest darling boy. He's such a cutie pie and perfect guy in my LIFE. Although I am such a childish girl, he still forgive and continue to love me =D In the future of our life, we shall hold hand and walk the way of love together.


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