Life is full of obstacle

Friday, July 26, 2013 in
Life is full of obstacle. Is depends how you settle and overcome all the obstacle coming through.

This week I am having massive stress no matter from my work and other stuff. Communication basically is one important rules you have to learn in life and society like this. Once the communication break off something bad will probably happen such as: you feel uncomfortable with him/her, quarrel with one another and maybe you will see her/his back you will hate her/him forever, etc.

I kinda HATE to be a organizer or the main person in charge.(oh lol who will willing to) Because there a LOT of stuff you need to plan and figure it out. Especially when you are alone to handle all the happening stuff. If there are someone who can share my worry and give opinion that will be too great. (Maybe in a dream i guess)

Person in charge have a lot to in charge,such as arrangement of time to suit everyone to come for practice accordingly, arrangement of carpool , or complain from the Elder. LOL I hate owe people favor when we already asked them to come and join. But sometimes thing aren't all we expected to be, each human have their own thinking and perspective. Sorry if I have hurt anybody, including my students and my friend. I been very stressful to handle all these problems and the opinion that other people give to me.

Cry a bit due to stress and most probably because my hormones. But luckily I got one big guy who stood by my way and support everything I do in my life. Super sweet and caring of him =D

My biii even ask me to pray about it, haha. Guess I need to cool down my heart and concentrate more on God and how he gonna help me to overcome all the obstacle. I will be a TOUGH girl though +D


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