bello peeeps, is weekend time start blogging again =D If you guys really stalk my blog recently I have not been in good mood though =P Anyway It's time to move on, Our sweet love still continue =D 

Today blog will blog about my Super cute minions shirt =D My first time Feet Pedicure~

Today is saturday, no work today. Just simple stay at home, blogging and Facebooking ~ My darling car have to go service too! He help me go to pos to take my Minions shirt =D So here it is, the packaging was sooooo cute ^6^ Minions head.

So after I got my Tee, I straight wear out to hang gai~ hehe. Because I feel super cute with this cute Tee as well.

After lunch, while waiting my darling car for tinting, we actually cam-whoring around.

Our first couple shot =D

2nd =D Sorry no make-up, pale face and dark eye circle T^T

Ba-boy? Minions was super innocent =D I just act naughty with that tongue =D

Whole set look, When I look back I feel that I'm so cute wearing this Tee =D 

And for anyone who want to buy this Tee
You all can click throught think Link

Do like their page and like my Photo as well =D

Here I am, the place I am going do my feet pedicure. Darling say this shop many people recommend so he decided to bring me here!! The Nail Residence ~

Ta-dang, sitting and waiting for my pedicure to start ~

A selca of myself, because It use around 1 hour for my pedicure. I just sit and play darling tab and online LOL. My darling actually went to do facial and I am having my pedicure =D

Love this cute slipper and I saw many customer also wear this for Nail Polish.

The look of the sterilizer station for customer =D 

The magazine counter =D

Here a small notice how their Sterilization Process ~

Beside the Feet Pedicure, there are also Nail Medicure =D I actually wanted to try also because I saw the nail art was so cute. Too bad I can't take photo and share with you guys~

The seats =D

I having French Classic Pedicure. Having this cute coat for me feet ~
Super love it, feel so sweet and cute color. =)

After a walk at Sg wang, we headed home. Get ready for my School Teacher's Day Celebration.

We are having dinner table 12 ^6^

At Kepong Manjalara, near Tesco =)

Teachers photo =D

Not forget, there is also rose by the from our school associates =D

One is my partner, the red is mine!! I actually love the dark pink color rose, is super lovely~

My parther =D

My photo of the day =D

The dish was super slow out, 9 dishes we eat for nearly 2 hours~ LOL
Anyway, The dish was superb. Thx 家协 and school for this wonderful dinner date =D


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