Minions fever at Pavilion

Sunday, July 07, 2013 in
Hello peeps, hows ya weekend going on?
Me as usual went hang gai at Pavilion~ haha. Today church service end a little bit late, although today is combine service from 10am-12pm. After service end bii need to go Trader's Hotel to fetch his dad back home. So I have to wait my darling fetch me back at church 

We reach Pavilion around 2pm, and was craving for food because we still haven't have our lunch yet ~ We went to food court today and bii say this western cuisine not bad so we decided to try it~ 

My spaghetti ~ Fettuccine with beef and mushroom =D

Darling, not really know what its call, but overall was appetizing~ abit spicy and sour de xD We even order 1 fish and chips because scare later will hungry fast 

Ootd, tops from my mum
Denim leggings from Uniqlo
Shoe from Toptown shop

Selca in front of Forever 21 mirror =D

A close shot~

Minions robot~~~~ OMG!! Super cute right, you all can find it outside parkson near to the cinema there~ Dancing dave comes with 3 different sounds and action xD cost around RM250~ haha 

A small video of Dancing Dave xD volume is very low~~

Booths with small toys 

Small Gru toys 

me with minions xD

My darling with minions, banananana xD that he super like ~

Me with cute Agnes =D

Minions paper board xD super cute~~

The first wan: why did you guys holding my LEG!!
second: Luckily I still can hold on his leg xD
 3rd wan: I wan to falll already**** Is very high!!

They sell the the pooop gun as well xD Agnes soft toy and the Unicorn which she like so much =D

CUte soft toy 

Bii ask, why dun I go and take with this cute minions?
I say can meh ( because the space are limited)
Bii say ofcuz can lar~
here it is lol~~

Why do I post this post ne!? because I went to watch Despicable me 2 at Wangsa Walk at 5:45pm =D
This movie is still high rank for kids and adults too!!
Super fun and exciting story line too =D
With some evil and pretty character ~
It a MUST watch Movie by the way ~

This time comes out with minions song that are super cute, although don't understand what they are trying to sing~ But their cute and stupid-ness really make each and everyone a day of laughter =D

"Underwear" by minions from the song "I swear"

Minions song of celebration =D YMCA

A mini movie of the minions~~ LOL, enjoy!!

Have a fun weekend folks~


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