Saturday out with Pamela

Saturday, July 20, 2013 in
Pamela actually date me to Louyat because she need to buy 1TB HD that is fire wire for Macbook =D So My boyfie fetch us go there and we pass by Zanmai. We decided to have our lunch here since we have quite some time didn't went to Zanmai. 

The Sushi Zanmai located just beside the main door, opposite to Mac machines =D

Inside look quite big and elegant design =D

Just One shot =D because bii was paiseh with some one around de =P

I found their plates and bowl put up there like accessories xD

Pamie dish, Curry With chicken. She actually love Japan Curry~ I start to like Japan curry as well =D It was not so spicy but it smell really nice =D

Our Taro Salmon =D This is the best part of Salmon =D Super smooth taste~

Our SUSHI~! Tako and the octopus xD

My Kakiage Don =D With shrimp and vege together.

Biii noodle with beef that are super chewy =D

Our round table seat =D 

Actually the space is quite small but because there a big mirror on the wall that make the place look so spacious =D

After lunch, we start to look for Pamie HD for work. Within 1 hour, we actually found it and we are quite happy. xD I need to look for my handphone case as well and mum tab charger. =D Pamie decided to went Pavilion too~ haha

We reach Pavilion around 4pm, and we went to typo!!! When we want to go to Daiso, we saw Robotics fair near Tokyo Street.

Hand on robot =D

I saw the robotics dog same with my school robotics ~

Ironman in coming~~

Not forget Gundam as well =D

The super huge "Robot" was build by bottles that was so cool~ haha

Bear Brick, Doraemon~

Looks familar for both robots here? The first is from STAR WARS, second is IRONMAN.

The full body of Ironman =D

Upper body of Ironman ~

This was so cute, they having ironman series too!! hehe

A bigger model of Iron man.

Starwars Robot =D


That all for the day out with Pamie. I totally forget to take photo with her. So sad!! I'm a little tired so we didn't went for dessert. Headed home around 6pm. Have a nap and dinner ~ Of to church for pratice ^6^

Gonna miss u Pamie dear, as she will b at Shanghai for work trip 2 weeks!! 


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