Weekends not end yet with my blog~ Sunday is here I am serving as usual =D super blessed with my talent. After church service, today we decided to go Mamak for lunch ~LOL

My without fringe hairstyle =D

Couple shot at car =D

With Dearie Michelle =D Love the back light xD too bright already ~

With my baby boy sit my left side =D

Pataya wat!? haha

Me and michelle order the same dishes, because I first hear Michelle order and was curious how was look and taste xD

Ta-dang~ Is maggi goreng LOL~ Sorry if you guys feel speechless after see the next photo xD It's really my first time hear the Pataya Maggi Goreng ~haha

After our lunch at Pelita, the taste of the maggi goreng was NEY~!! LOL, even I can cook maggi goreng better than them  xD 

Biii need to go Laoyat to get his new handphone ~ I was waiting him in the car, fell asleep - SERIOUSLY~ After a short nap I wake up and start to selca in the car. Why with that glasse!? because our car park straight with the sunlight come through~ Super 耀眼~ That I decided to wear my sun glasses~

A cute pic with my sun glasses xD

After Laoyat, we went to KLCC for a movie~ A bit late though but we still manage on time =D 

Trying my new hot pants at BERSHKA =D

I'm wearing dress on that day, so I grab another top to wear with this hot pants =D
JENG o not!? (ignore my big belly**)


This is my whole day set, dress from CURVES BOUTIQUE =D Feel free to like their Facebook pages~

Me and my biii side face xD

Hugging his big hand~ =D 

After a hour walk at KLCC, we even went to shopping for biii's clothing xD Bii want bring me to a place, that he didn't want to tell me.

To G-TOWER~~~ Have anybody heard of here before? LOL Sometimes I really feel so LOVEY my darling biiiiiiiiiii so much because he always spent time to find some lovely place to bring me there. I feel so loved by him A LOT.

A huge CHILI PADI in the middle of the CAFE~~

Selca by the lift~ We actually went up to 29th floor to a bar, View Rooftop Bar at G-Tower =D

The side view, super HUGE seats made with vines fig ~

The bar look =D

The seats~

This stool of wine bottle are actually super cool xD

There are many kinds of seats you can choose =D

This is a bar that at night people can come and have a drink inside. Inside was aircond room~

Where are we sit!? See my cute darling there? haha, actually wanted to sit beside but you must have 3 person and above only you can sit. No choice lo~ hehe

The side seat, nearer to the view outside =D

Cam-whoring around, because the place are AWESOME~~

The side behind of the bar~

1 couple shoot =D

Love this photo~ hiak hiak

Couple shoot #2~

This is the outside seat =D It was closed  when we reach there~

Our drink of the day =)
Kronenberry Freshly sliced strawberry with lemon juice, Monin strawberry liqueur, coriander and homemade syrup, topped with Kronenberg beer and mint leaves

Bii have this drink =)
Carls and Citrus Lemon with homemade herbs and spiced syrup, topped with Carlsberg beer, lemongrass, and star anise 

Selca with my Kronenberry =D

Love the bar design with BUTTERFLIESS~~

The table stool add on design with many bottle of VODKA xD

Our super Jumbo chicken sausage platter (RM19 value) =DD3 large chicken sausages served with sauce and chopped garlic

GIF #ootd hahaha Saw I take 3 selca with the nearly same pose, so I decided to create a GIF ~


Cute bii selca ~~ Super like his cute look with that innocent EYE~

After finishing our drink and SAUSAGES~ We start to move around and selca =D

The front side of the bar =D with a pose~

The view you gotta see when you go there~

The Intermark building~

The sun is going down down down down~ haha

With the super back sunlight~

A sit on a sofa seat =D

Can't stop to taking with my loves one =D

He holding my camera~~

Act peace me xD super look natural~ hehe

Super behind look~ haha

The view from the lift to the Bar xD

Last couple selca ~

My LAst selca of the day~

HAppy and Satisfied spending the nice weekend with my darling bibi~ haha. Although we didn't stay up late until night. But feel grateful when the time you spending with your loves one =D

View Rooftop Bar

Level 28, GTower, Jalan Tun Razak 

Kuala Lumpur 50400

Their Websites for more information



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