TGV + Beanieplex at 1 Utama

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Bello guys, only free to blog on weekend lol. Weekdays is so BORING because of working!! LOL

Today blog will gonna be TGV Imax and Beanieplex at 1 Utama. Anyone been there before? I think the Imax already open for quite some time but me and boyfie just know like just last month =.= Then we add 1 more Pak thor place for us to watch movie =D Because 1 Utama just 20 minutes journey from our house =D

My #ootd =D Am wearing blue couple polo with my boyfie and with a NEON short pants from Kitschen ~

Ta-dang, here it is the IMAX TGV Cinemas. I actually love the design on the whole cinema with black and red mostly. This cinema is located at level 3 OLD WING of 1 Utama.


TGV Cinemas Level 3 Old Wing
1 Utama Shopping Centre
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama

47800Petaling Jay


For more here the details =D

There is just 1 escalator for coming up~ =D

A big SCREEN for all the movie trailers =D

Banners of the movie ~

Here comes the part I like~ There got a super red hot sofa for people to sit and wait for their movie time =D Super considerate of them and as you see the people are sitting very comfortably =D

Lalala, super cute minions poster right!?

LED light of IMAX =P

Man of steeel~

There is this LED screen to show the showtimes of movies. Is like a wall but inside you can see the screen xD LOL

The Beanieeee~~ LOL

The whole look of beanieeee =D Super cool right ~ But this is not taken at 1 Utama because beanie at 1 Utama have a middle part of the seat ~~ (Picture taken from GOOGLE)

Our couple look on the beanie~ because quite late already the trailer is playing so have no choice took with flash. AM SO UGLY LOL~ hahaha

What so YEAH about the beanie right?
Super comfy (that you can sleep)
Spend good time with partner/friend
More privacy
Feels like home!?

NEY huh!?
Maybe at 1 Utama the seats are not cushion made not sure about other beaniee place
So not very comfortable with the feeel of the beanie
I hate the middle part whats with that!? 
I can't even hug my bii hand while watching!?

We were watching Wolverine =D 

After movie, we are looking for my NEW waterbottle, 3 small umbrella and my hair tie =D LOL We didn't eat lunch actually and we buy snack from stalls. We actually eat like a boss LOL.Because many people passing us xD

Couple shot #2 My one eye gone ~

Simply love to lie on his shoulder =D is big enough for me to cry on and sleep on =D

Own Selca with bag =D

Love this first shot =D And my bag super soft like comforter xD

Love look for my darling boy =D

We back home around 7pm. I have dance practice at 8pm. Its kinda rush though but I still manage to nap for 30 minutes = = Sorry ya, because am super tired and a bit headache too~ LOL

After the practice end at 9:30pm, bii come and fetch me. I have a thought to eat supper LOL. My darling a bit  you seriously? hahaha

Here we are, not forget to selca too =D

kiss pose~ My biii got that super CUTE face.

Ok, as it was supper right. We didn't eat much. Just porridge and 2 DIM SUM.

My favourite dim sum definitely must with shrimps or prawn~ yummy yummy 

Biii's favorite~!!

At last, have my biii to help me take this ACT full shot =D hahahaha

Having a wonderful date with my darling again. Although a bit headache and tired while watching movie but nothing is more important than being with you =D I will let you know anything I really want without not telling you =DD hahahaha.

Super love you my cutie pieee =D


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