Ultimate Ham Birthday =D

Tuesday, July 09, 2013 in
hola, late post here =D But anyway still wanted to post this =D
Today is One of  the Ham birthday xD So me and my bofie to join this SUrPRise party~~

Monday is my 学校特假, so I'm super in a holiday mood staying at home. Wait my darling come fetch me to KLCC to the surprise. And I know that we been planing quite some time and the place is one of the troublesome wan >.< Anyway plan still went well. After darling fetch me , luckily no jam!! Smooth as usual just a little jam at the tunnel and Tun razak. We reach KLCC around 7:30pm. There are other who reach there early waiting at the food court xD 

My ootd xD Actually decide to wear short and t-shirt~ 

Reach food court and my church gang =D

Photo time =D
From left: Allecia, ME and Michelle =D

Curi my cam and take photo har! While I'm buying my dinner xD

Not forget to take a couple shot with my boyfie ^6^

With my dearie Michelle

After dinner, we wait time to pass because Chilis reservation for King Ham and Ultimate Ham postponed to 8:45pm. So since we got nothing to do, we just camwhoring around.

With Irene and Michelle~

Beside that, we even decide to took everyone Dai Tao Photo ^6^ Here the combine of all even with the birthday boy =) Guess who the most loves and champion DTH? ahahaha Is Irene, the top middle wan =DD

OmG, the Gay photo of all~

At 9pm we show ourself at Chilis, ta dang~~~ hahaha. He was kinda shocked to see of us there =D

The birthday cake, Lava Chocolate cake!! hehe

Birthday boy and the cake~

Got this from Chilis too with Instax Mini 8 =D

The Guys photo =D

Because inside was quite packed and dark, photo with Flash~~

With the girls =D

The cake is been invaded LOL

Everyone is craving for it~~~ GRRRRRRRRRRRR

After chilling and photo session at Chilis, we decided to go to the fountain. Colorful water fountain =D

We continue to having a lots of fun and cam whoring around. Looks what this? Familiar harr? hahaha

Me and boyfie with the birthday boy =D
Mee look so small between this two guys ~~

Our group photo =D

Me and dearie Michelle~

trying to act Gay~ Yeah Or neh~~?

Finally gonna headed home, not forget our couple shot~

Love this a lot~
Our 嘟嘴pose xD

Reach home around 11pm, tomorrow gonna work~


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