Its Sunday again peeps, serving with stripes today, got it from mummy wardrobe =D Its so colorful that i got all attention (joking). I am here to serve God truly with all my heart, soul and mind. xD Today both of our dai gor not around, and we are like lost sheep because because we had no idea where to have our lunch. At first we wanted to went Zoe's house with McDonald( I miss it!!)but our plan change. We decided to have Thai for lunch.But when we reach that restaurant, it closed!! I mean looks like Bankrupt or what, because inside the table, chairs is still in it own place but is dirty door is SO LOCKED!!

LOL, become a lost sheep again @.@ Decided to went tappers again~ lalala

Our group photo =D 5 girls and 2 guys~

As usual our couple photo xD take like nobody see~

What's problem with you bii!?? hahaha
Take photo with me until SIEN already!?

No la, just want to TROLL you ma xD
You always make me feel happy whenever you are with me =D 
Where will sien de~

After I saw this 3 photo so similar,  I decided to create to GIF~

#GIF of the day =D

With pamie dear~ Just my right side~

Opposite of me is Ruby, Michelle and Allecia, all my cute babes~

After lunch, we headed Zoe's Home for relaxing around 2pm we shall start our 2nd time meeting~ LOL, we start our meeting late. 3pm to 5:30pm or until 6pm ~.~ Super long and boring meeting (ngek ngek)

ahh, forget to mention today is 18th!!! Is our another month of anniversary ~CHEERSS!! After the meeting end, although they plan for dnner but on this SPECIAL day we decided to ciau first and have a dinner together =D

I miss Papajohn mushroom soup, because we are both tired after long day and raining too so we decided to went to a mall near our place to have our sweet dinner~ Papajohn may it be~

Our half and half pizza, Tuna and Peperoni toppings~

OMG OMG~ I super love their mushroom still very nice and with a lot of mushrooms~ But got too many onion already T_T awww man, spoil my taste bud~

My bibi de handsome and cute look ~

Our couple shot at the night =D

see this Funny GIF, download from 9gag =D My bii just got a thought telling me about this funny GIF, I can't stop laughing and really feel surprise taking photo in different angle actually makes so much different @.@ LOL. And I beg my darling to record a video >0< And he does it for me!!

Because he recorded vertically so the video need to be watch upside down, not really know how to rotate a video though =( He looks super handsome inside da video >-< hahaha Sorry with my peace hand pop out xD

There is also a video of me but I think mine is not that PRO then my darling == PAISEH lol, hahahaha. But I did a 3 shot of me in different angle xD 

This angle is super ugly of me xD I think everyone hate this angle of taking photo lol~

Middle shot xD STill looking okok, but you know people are looking for PERFECTION right!?

Ta-dang So this is everyone BEST angle shot right!? Face looks smaller, chin too! eyes look bigger, etc etc and etc xD

So what's your best angle shot!?


Today is our 14th month!! Super excited months ahead, because we have hold hands walk pass the 14 months, although there a lot of hiccups we met but I feel so happy and touch because when argue on things we will have a heart to heart talk with each other and that was so TOUCH my heart. After these hiccups, YOU still LOVE me like you always do =D I know I am a cry baby and you always hug me me and stay by my side T__T I know that we still have a great and far future ahead, So lets GAMBATEH together!!


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