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I'm here to talk about minions again @.@ Hope you guys don't mind. This time I will blog about Minions from McDonald. As you guys know just a month ago, McDonald having Happy meal with Minions and Malaysia people will line up from midnight to get it = = Sorry, but I'm not one of them. Sad to say I just managed to get 2 of it among the 9 T__T That time the minions fever is really a CHAOS among Malaysia, LOL.

Ta-dang~ I got 6 more from my darling. My bibi got another 6 from Australia because his brother work there~ I get all this 6 during the last Saturday. I was so thrilled and happy when I saw all of them ~ Although is not all the same from McDonald, but it was happy enough for me. Still I think the ONE EYE Minions is the most special among the collection.

All happy standing in a line =D

 First one is Phil Jelly Whistle =D All the way from Australia~ His hand gun actually is a whistle although the sound a bit weird but actually it can be blow.=D 

VLOG about Phil~ Beside by blowing the whistle you can pull the jelly water in and out xD (I got super messy hair)

Tim Giggle Grabber, this want I buy from Malaysia.

It's function is just press the button behind. When you press the hand will open to GRAB~

A small and cute grabber, Tom Goggly Eye Grabber. The one I most loved =D

This is a bit different than TIM, because got more function that is the eye will move to one side when you press. As you all can see the Vlog, is actually a bit hard to push = =

Another Tim, Tim Giggling.

From Malaysia too, at first when I got it I thought what it's function. I just shake and hear something inside shaking only, besides that you can hear Tim laughing LOL. hahaha

Last one, Jerry Breakdancing xD Looks super silly and funny,haha

Its design is put upside down, and when you turn the button behind, its SPIN~

The only one EVIL MINION, Purple Minion Babbler.

Babbler is it's name, so its actually voice out. The volume is a bit low,but actually the minion is saying something, their language xD

Part 1

Part 2

Thank you my biiii actually help me to look for it. He's the BEST~ wooolala. All this six minions is just inside my room =D They are super cute and funny. That's why I love them so much xD


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