Our Green Valentine, after 七夕 =D We are celebrating just near our house=D In a chinese restaurant, we actually go round and round looking for a restaurant to relax and have a sweet dinner together. But No matter where we go or celebrate, the most important is being together xD Although yesterday 七夕we are not having private time together, but our heart still know each other love no matter what.

Our first couple shot, my baby haven't back home but straight come find me =D

Our close shot =D

Although not sit side by side but we still manage to take a sweet photo together.

My peace hand pose xD

Hair clip up, is my bii most like hair style from me xD

Small XO酱四季豆, is super 开胃haha. With 虾仁too~~ My favourite =目

滑蛋炒虾, This dish is super juicy with egg and shrimps xD When I first saw the picture, i straight say I want ORDER this!! MY favourite food shrimpss~~~ nom nom. I just don't like the onion put too much already, I don't like onion lo~ smeellly 

蒜子鸡,a chicken meal xD I super like to eat chicken skin when it roasted. The taste was superb.

All this 3  dishes is very nice, I give 8/10. In the morning this restaurant is mainly for Dim Sum, we at first also thought is it just for Dim Sum? But is not , they have other dish to serve too! hehe

Address :
 G16, Ground Floor, Platinum PV128, No. 128, Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak, 53300, Kuala Lumpur

You can call to reserve too:

03-4131 6791

Here are the reviews from various customer about this restaurant =D

Sweet Green Valentines



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