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Hey peeps, When you see the picture above then you'll know I'm going to blog about PTPTN Loan. PTPTN stands for Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional. It is a government load for students who can't afford to further studies. PTPTN will provide education loans to students pursuing their studies in local institutions of higher learning (IPT).

The scope of the PTPTN education loan facility is open to students pursuing studies at the diploma, first degree, master, doctorate and professional courses levels in IPTs established under the following acts:

Universities and Universities Colleges Act 1971
Institut Teknologi MARA Act 1976
Private Higher Education Institutions Act 1996
Education Act 1996
Taken from their websites.

You can click to their WEBSITE for more information =D

Since I'm not from a very wealthy family, I actually borrow education loan for my diploma at TARUCIAN ( change name already ). But I did not continue study after diploma because I don't want burden my mummy and don't want to owe PTPTN more money too xD So I work nearly for 2 years and it's time for me to pay the debt I borrow from PTPTN. But since I received letter from PTPTN, I actually left it there nearly for 1 year then I received another letter stated the amount that I need to pay LOL. My mummy actually help me called and asked for help to find out how should I pay back the loan. (thx kiu mum)

Mummy told me that this year until September 2013, they have 20% for US if we pay lump sum clear our loan. So me and mummy decided to clear all, so we no need worry for the loan and clear all for ONE AND FOR ALL~

Since I am working, I have no time to go settle my loan. This week is still school holiday, my mummy ask me take half day leave and go Pudu Raya PTPTN main branch to settle my loan =D

So here we are, boyfie fetch us to Pudu Raya. 

The first line amount is the amount that I borrow =D Since I graduated until now. The interest is 1% per year, and I don't know when they change the interest to 1%. But I borrow RM12,500 that time until now just increase to RM177 only =D
The second line amount is the 20% that after deduction for paying lump sum. 
Third line is after deduction~
So the total I need to pay after deduction is RM 10,141.71.
I'm paying half and mummy help me pay another half =D
If you guys really wanted to find out how's the 20% work for your loan you can go to their WEBSITE.

The letter =D

After knowing the amount I need to pay, me and mum went to opposite the Menara maybank to buy Bank Draft =D 

Waited for 45 minutes, zzzzzzzzzz super slow service. Me and mum haven't eat lunch and hungry == I was like sleepy + tired~ My mum went to ask only we get our bank draft ~

Okay, thanks for the opinion I get from Distantflower.

1) Went to your nearest PTPTN Main Branch office. PTPTN Branch ( I went to stesen Puduraya, 3rd floor, is still new*)
2) Check your current Debt, because got interest mah.
3)Later you can pay by cheque or bank draft.
4) If by bank draft, go to the bank to buy bank draft. (near to stesen puduraya there is a Menara Maybank opposite.)
5) After you got the bank draft, head straight pay to PTPTN office. Just a 5-10 minutes, you successfully pay your debt! (if there is no people Q ing up lar)
6) You will received a letter on the spot after you pay.


But the letter also got mention, if I do not have charges from PTPTN for coming 6 months, this letter can only be claim DEFINITIVE.

I can't assure and promise everything I write will be correct. If you guys do have more enquiries about the loan, this is the HOTLINE of PTPTN. =D

03 2080 4455

Finally I settle my PTPTN, can easily went overseas without any worries or received any government letter for paying loan. I feel free, no burden for any debts =P (ngek ngek)

I not really know what others people think about PTPTN loan. I know some of my colleague actually pay by month. Or some even line up and pay at bank counter. Mostly people I know around actually pay back the loan, I really hope some how there's a way a solution for our education funds. That we young generations no need to carry so much burden or debts for their life ~_~

Our late lunch, after fetching Kendrick home =D Eating Yong Tou Fu, although look a little but we ate until quite full ~

Not forget selca with my loves one. Mummy deleted photo taking with her @@ She don't like taking photos T__T

Thx bibi fetching me, although we don't have private time with each other since today is 七夕情人节。 Saw your lovely post update at facebook, feel super sweet and touch. Although I didn't post any sweet photo of you but I still love you and no matter which day or date, everyday is a 情人节 for me whenever I be with you. So my CUTIE PIE, love you always ya!!



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