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Girlsss, please hold your saliva or maybe prepare some tissue xD Here to introduce Two super HOTIES of the movie =D Actually one is super HANDSOME and one is super MAN =) Maybe for young girls and ladies you will chose 彭于晏 , for the aunties maybe will choose 张家辉 xD hahaha

So I have watch this movie with my darling, I guess most of the bf will be very stress because gf wanted to watch 肌肉男in this movie xD But I still ok la, I count how many 腹肌they have xD lol My darling got a bit big belly that I love to lay down ~~ YEAH~~~ So I just want the belly got smaller only la ~hahahaha

This is the movie poster with the TWO main actor of the movie, left :张家辉,right : 彭于晏。I guess most girls will be saliva droolsssss over when they see these poster!

A potrait of each of the HOT guy, haha. 张家辉,Although he is pass forty and not a very tall man, but he still can manage to build up a lots of muscle in this movie. I think this will need a lot of determination and hard work too~ 

Portrait of 彭于晏 =D The super HOT guy in this movie, okay different than 张家辉 he is younger and taller than him. Although building up body is a tough road to go, but for him he is good enough to have such harsh training to build his muscle ~

Super YENG zai lo him!!!

The both of them, which want you girlss prefer!? xD

So lets start with the plot and the actor list :

彭于晏 - 林思齐


So he is son of a very rich family, but when his dad having business failure and he start to work for himself and his poor dad( always drinking ) LOL. One time he got a chance to see a tv comercial about the MMA Boxing Competition, he register himself to a boxing center where he meet his SIfu 张家辉。

Why is he insist to join MMA since he has no experience in boxing and compete in MMA is a live or die match too!? Because of his dad, he wanted to prove to his dad that he is able to achieve something in life too. He want encourage his drinking dad to not look into pass but continue to move when obstacles come.

He is training with his sifu. Oh ya, forget to mention, actually 张家辉is a Hong Kong Actor and 彭于晏 is from Taiwan. In this movie, one speak Cantonese and another speak Mandarin. The funny part is where they not familar with each other language yet they always try to say. Usually 讲惯普通话的,讲广东话很搞笑的;讲惯广东话讲华语也是很搞笑咯~ haha

Some of his training photo in the scene, so 辛苦 = = Can you see all the nerves all pop up in his muscle~

Although just a 2 months of harsh training, with his determination he is able to win the two matches of the competition. OMG~ When you guys saw the match, it will be a flesh and blood fighting that will open your eyes~

A final match close to the reward, but something happen (i super don't dare to watch ) ACCIDENT, like I already said this is a dead or alive match~ But still, his dad watched this match and realise what he try to prove to his dad =D

She even show when he get the trophy ~.~ OMG~ why we didn't get the chance to watch~?

Here somes my doubt, the picture above is the photo I found out at websites. Because I didn't see any of these scene when I watch this movie at cinema = = I wonder why is MALAYSIA movie didn't show up!?

For more about the scene of them you all can click this link =D

Here to talk about the main character from this movie, 

张家辉 - 程辉~ 


He is one former boxing KING, but due to he play cheat in one of the boxing match and get caught into prison. After that, he become a teksi driver who owe DAI YI LONG money and always on a run. So when He came to Macau he met back his old friend. From then he working in his friend boxing centre and met 林思齐.

He live with a woman(王明君) only live with her daughter (Crystal Lee, 马来西亚童星). Actually this woman is a sorrowful woman because her husband left her with 2 children. She is too sad and feel hopeless. She always drunk herself until one day cause her son drown and die. From then onwards she suffer from Mental Problem. She recover after few years been hospitalized and live with her daughther.

I super love her 小猪的故事 that they always tell to her mum~ The piggie they act is so cute! haha


After some times living together, their relationship become so close. They always share happy moments together and do things together.

But then, happy things always will come to an end. The Dunning people soon to find our where his whereabouts and run into their peaceful and cause 小丹(small girl) injured and her mother mental illness 复发。

Feeling guilty and hopeless, 程辉 decided to join MMA to win the cash and to help 小丹 family.

These are some his training scene in this movie~ lol

小丹 have to back to her dad side, because her mother admit to hospital. But before she left, she want to watch last match of 程辉 with the previous MMA champion. It such a touch scene, I think i got cry a bit with tears only LA~

Both of their enemy, he actually beaten up 林思齐。 Now is time to 程辉 VS with him!!It was actually a good fight, I bet everyone is holding their breath when they watch this scene, is so SUPERB!!!! Such a BREATH TAKING match~

Of cause, win or not this story is still end with a happy ending =D

师父 and 徒弟 reunion back~ =D

Conclusion is I rank this movie 9/10 movie. Super YEAH~!

Super love this song inside this Movie, super touching and emotion song =D

For you guys info, 张家辉 and 李馨巧 actually won 影帝 and 影后 in this movie~ I wanted to watch this movie is not mainly because of got 肌肉男 but also because I want to watch Crystal Lee too! xD

Put on a X-LARGE photo of all the 肌肉男 in this movie~~ WOOHOO~

I super love their 默契 in this movie, they train together suffer together, they even KISS each other during training that I find that super 温馨 xD Sorry if I was so emotional, just feel that they are both a 一级棒 actor. =D


 Here end my post with their 宣传照。


Got some of the information from Wiki and images from Google =)



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