heyo peeps, its 18th of the month again, hope you guys won't feel bored about my blog post about this special day xD Is our 15th month!! Although it's look like aiya still got a long way to go lar~ But no matter how long we been together this special of the month is a MUST celebrate, I think go watch movie, a simple dinner together is enough for me =D 

We are having a sweet dinner after my work. My darling even went home take bath and wear until so leng zai =D haha. Bii say I also wear very pretty to work too, prepare for today already ma. =D Bii actually want bring me to True Brew Cafe that he thought was at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, but as we drive around that area, we can't find where is that cafe. Instead we bump into another restaurant, Sassorosso Italian Restaurant~

Finally got a chance to have Italian food xD

When I first step in, I was amazed and the environment was super romantic and relax feel =D

The interior

Here comes our drink, my drink - Cranberry Juice, sweet and sour combination. For me is more on sweet super fresh taste~

Bii's drink, Wine again =D Is like one shot drink with rock ice and straw~

I notice that is this restaurant there are many wine, so many! This room is all the wine rack, tell you the truth this is just part of it~

These seat looks so comfortable =D

The book counter and table of menu.

Night specials food.


Wines as decorations.

Wines at the Bar.

Outside the restaurant there is this small garden with many plants, looks so fresh and green =D

Selca ing~

There is seat on the outside too, for more free and relax beer drinking with friends~

Outside seat

Bird Cage


Gonna try their handmade pizza next time!!

Outside look of the wine room~

Our appetizer

Candle on the table, makes me feel so romantic having a sweet dinner with my loves one~

More wines~

Wines again, is so clever how they use all these decoration space for their wine =D

More privacy?

First painting I saw.

Second painting

My Wild Mushroom soup, very mild and dark color. Separate to two bowls for my darling too~

Saw this super duper big wine =D

Me with my handphone screen, with my cute bii photo~

Couple selca, cute~

I kiss that hard meh? Bii looks so HANG FOK xD haha

You can see their Kitchen from the outside =D

Iranion Saffron Risotto Served with Crab meat and Prawn Bisque RM52++
When it comes, I thought ohhhh, is like this? LOL But the taste were great!! The Crab meat is soo fresh!!

Pesto Linguine RM 28 ++ The taste of brasil is a good combination with spaghetti!

Saw the Shadow of love from our glass =D

Peace from my darling hand, sorry if too dark, because the light inside the restaurant is dim.

At last, when we finish the meal, the waitress will give us the dessert menu. Time for desser, we been thinking to have which dessert, finally we order this! Warm Double Chocolate Flan served With frozen Wild Berries =D RM22++ The look this dessert so nice decoration, there is a small scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream with tart too~ 

Oh no, The chocolate is melting out~~ haha. Is not as sweet as you thought when you saw like so MANY chocolate, the chocolate taste so mild and rich in chocolate favor.I still remember that the waiter pass me this dessert and mention Best chocolate in town! LOL,surely you can't taste it at other cafe>.< YUMMY~~

Details of this romantic restaurant:

9 Lorong Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Parking and Security Services: 
RM10 per car

Tel: 603 21 666 428
Fax: 603 21 666 429

Email: ask@sassorosso.com.my

Bii told me he can't wait for 18 months together because this will be our double celebration, haha. I didn't even think of that too, he is such a cutie pie that are so caring, sensitive heart to know what happen to me and even can remember all the memorable day together too =D I hope that time can be faster and our love can be forever until we MARRY. Woohoo~~ =P



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